Double Eagle 176 rebuild

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    I am in the planning stages of a total rebuild, transom, stringers, ( possibly a custom cabin hardtop) for the 17 1/2 foot Double Eagle. I am looking for a 2 piece windshield to start from. I am also looking for a hard top to use as a starting point. I would rather not have to build everything from scratch if possible. He hardtop doesn't have to be from a Doubke Eagle, just close to the width of the 17 1/2 and doesn't need sides. After the snow starts flying around here I will get started on this project in the heated garage. There will be lots of questions asked as it is evident many of the knowledgable members here have completed a task like this, and have a great wealth of knowledge.

    If anyone has a lead on a window or hardtop, please let me know. Pm if you wish.

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    i have a hard top pm me a texting number and i will shot some pics
  3. I had AJR Windows in Coquitlam build me a new windshield for my Double Eagle rebuild project. Excellent product, and the fit was absolutely perfect. Granted, it was not inexpensive, but the quality and fit was well worth the expense. Good luck on your project.

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