does anybody build new windshields 4 double eagles

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  1. scottyboy

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    i have 2 friends that are restoring there boat after it got destroyed in the millbay marina wind storm. does anyone know of anyone that builds frames and glass ? they use 2 have a hard top but dont anymore and want the side windows 2 angle down .any replies would be great!

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    try valley plastics at the end of polkey road, they will be able to fabricate anything up needed (but it would be plexi glass not glass) and there pretty well priced too

  3. The company that makes the windshields for double eagle,houston etc is in Port Coquitlam. I can't recall the name off hand but know I have the info at my work.
    pm me and i'll try and remember too find it tomorrow

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  4. scottyboy

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    looking for aluminium frame and glass. thanx 4 the help

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  6. Aces

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    AJR windshields, google them
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  8. 604-944-1616 is their number, They are often at the Vancouver Boat show (where I got Angelo's card)

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