|Do you like pilot houses?

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  1. Mighty Sylvan

    Mighty Sylvan Active Member

    Do you like pilot houses?

    I like the looks of these and the videos online look like they ride nice. I think they are a little more stylish then Parker. What do you think?

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  2. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I like pilot houses. Those Steigercrafts are pretty sweet.
  3. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    I bought a 2359 trophy pro last year and love the pilot house and large cuddy. I could not imagine owning a boat without the pilot house now, dry, warm, quiet and just very comfortable for the wife and boy. No need to worry about canvas and nice having a locked area for everything. The one in the photo looks like an aggressive hull.
  4. Mighty Sylvan

    Mighty Sylvan Active Member

    I like the idea of comfortable winter cruising.
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  5. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I have always liked getting out once in a while during the winter months. Our winters aren't that bad and there can be lot's of nice days. I really wanted a center console before I bought my boat and boy am I glad I went with a cabin.

    You don't see very many if any of those Steigercrafts out here. They are a very well built boat from what I have read. The decks are 3/4" thick solid fiberglass!
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  6. bushwackin

    bushwackin Member

    Unbelievable the difference being in a cabin even on the nicest day. It spoils you pretty fast!
  7. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    love the pilot house, get back from a blowy or foggy/cold run and no body shiver..people get off and say wow i have never been in a closed sport fish boat. end of the day your still comfortable and not tired from fighting the elements
  8. charlie415

    charlie415 Well-Known Member

    x2 for a pilot house.
  9. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Pilothouses are nice but i prefer the stewardesses apartments better :D
  10. Ofishal

    Ofishal Member

    boat 2010 009.jpg x3 love pilot houses:cool:
  11. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Ditto for all the reason above. What's not to like?
  12. J.C.W. 500

    J.C.W. 500 Member

    I would choose a pilot house any day. It keeps me warm and dry whether I'm boating on a cold rough windy October day on Slave lake here in Alberta, or boating in gnarly chop off of Sooke in July. I can store lots of my stuff in a dry place and store it in cupboards instead of it being stored in a big loose pile.
  13. Shepnoir

    Shepnoir Member

    Wouldn't go back to canvas EVER!!! As others have said nothing like a quiet dry ride, especially for the family.
  14. Finished Business

    Finished Business Well-Known Member

    Been keeping an eye on some Steigers on yachtworld...just beauty boats and as Sculpin mentioned, very well built.
    The 'Chesepeake' Model is nice as well, but the pilothouse is pretty spiffay
  15. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    I have an Orca -great for the wcvi especially for multi-day trips. Warm and dry-but let's be honest they have some draw backs and you have to truly understand what type of fishing you intend to do. They are expensive and they usually have a lot of equipment on board that is more camper related than marine in nature-ie. fresh water tanks,taps ,shower heads ,stoves,fridges etc etc. These require maintenance. They are usually heavier than a comparable boat so often a heavier trailer is required. The rear dance floor is much smaller than a comparable size boat so a guy used to a similiar size Grady might find it cramped. So if you envision pulling into Critter cove or Poet Nook, or Rodgers lodge and renting accomadation and using their facilities then I might suggest that a pilot house might not be your best choice. I would never get rid of mine as we seldom wharf up, we always sleep on board as close to fishing as possible and we always cook on board for 2-3 days. You have to pick you companions and if you fish a lot in remote areas of WCVI it's the only way to fly. BUT not the only answer by any means.

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  16. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

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  17. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I really like the Parkers as well for their price range used you can get alot of boat for the money. The only two things I don't like about them (from doing tire kicking at boat shows) is the rear cabin wall flexes like crazy around the door and the fact that they don't have fish lockers built into the deck. Pretty hard to beat a Parker for dance floor space. Their 28 footer is unreal.

    Most of the Steigers have seating for 4 or more up front I believe their 25' modified V is the only model with two seats.

    Hands down my favourite fiberglass pilothouse (but way out of my price range) is the BAMF boats. Hardcore boats for sure.

    http://bamfboats.com/25_Alaskan.htm Here is their new 25' Alaskan that hasn't been built yet and I can't wait to see some photos of it. I have been looking on the black and red site for updates on it's progression. Their 30 foot walkaround is absolutely unreal!
  18. finaddict

    finaddict Well-Known Member

    I looked at the page you linked. The 2530 extended cabin is the one for me. look at the specs. maximum horsepower - 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

  20. Foxsea

    Foxsea Well-Known Member

    Pilot houses - nice. WA hardtops with drapes - not bad either. It's great having the full enclosure in the winter (or lousy summers on WCVI) but I also like opening it up for the warm summer days. Can't beat the hardtops for versatility: stowing a kayak, traps, a small inflatable, (not all at once! lol) radar, solar charger, etc., plus for staying dry. After buying, adjusting, repairing and replacing a few canvas tops, I'd sure hate to go back.

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