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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by Prawn Star, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Prawn Star

    Prawn Star Active Member

    If anyone is moored there you might be interested. For years I have had my boat moored there at "A" dock which is the first one at the south end. The deal there has always been 50% less. I assume because of the distance to the closest entrance. I went to renew this morning and was told there was no more 50% off for that dock. So it went from $520 for six months $1040 plus tax. I was told the "company" which I thought was the Campbell River Indian Band, maybe I'm wrong but anyway, the powers that be decided this was no longer in effect and those that paid up front no longer get a 10% discount. I am a senior on disability pension and this was the only place I could afford and was so much better than fighting the idiots at public ramps. I guess I will become one of those idiots this year.
  2. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. Can you do three months and fight less idiots during the weekdays of shoulder seasons?
  3. Gong Show

    Gong Show Active Member

    Launch at the discovery harbour ramp. You pay, but there are fewer idiots.
    Discovery Marina is infamous for lack of management and incompetent employees. The incompetent employees may be a result of the management issue, never tried to figure it out.
  4. gungadin

    gungadin Well-Known Member

    I launch at the ramp, $10.00 in and out. Nice long float. Only problem is the parking during the summer, but they now charge $5.00 a night now. Never had a problem with theft from truck etc. but then I am only out for 5-6 hours.
  5. Prawn Star

    Prawn Star Active Member

    I did some shopping around and decided to go to Pacific Playgrounds. The ANNUAL fee was about the same as the six months at Discovery. Expensive but my wife insisted I do it cause she knows how pissed off I get when I see people doing stupid things. I know that most of the time it's people that don't know the ramp etiquette but then you get the ones that want to repair their boats or whatever sitting on the ramp.
  6. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Hey Prawn Star: just a heads up: make sure your boat is locked up tight there ; not from thieves, but minks. They turned my father in laws boat into their own personal toilet all winter long. Plus with my line of work, i have been called there several times to try and restore boat interiors from mink infestation. They were getting in via the windlass / storage bay.
  7. Prawn Star

    Prawn Star Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up River Boy.

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