Diesel Heater Installers?

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  1. NootkaFisher

    NootkaFisher Member

    Looking for recommendations for an installer on the Island (north island preferably) to put an Espar (or Espar-like) heater in my Campion 682. Thanks.
  2. Samnjoe

    Samnjoe Active Member

    Encompass Marine in Campbell river installed an Espar on my kingfisher.
    Very happy with his work.
  3. Crow

    Crow Active Member

    Hey NootkaFisher I Had mine installed on the mainland so can’t recommend an islander but a few things come to mind.

    Have you thought about location. Have herd from other 682 owners of rear installations that had problems when the wind is blowing from behind.
    Mine was installed in the port side cubby compartment. I have seen others in the same location. I made a guard out of black starboard protecting the exhaust piping. He gave me a 2 gallon tank secured to the floor rear of the tank, which took up too much storage so I made a mount out of aluminum angle that fits between the stringers with just enough room to close the hatch.
    Really happy with what I have now. 600F74F4-91A9-4BA8-8A77-C07CC488F368.jpeg 190AE101-E2A0-439B-A24A-4B8493240125.jpeg FBAC3DA7-EEF9-4B7F-B5A5-5FFD4DC2203C.jpeg 427A77D0-498D-4BEA-9AE0-07EA85816436.jpeg
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  4. NootkaFisher

    NootkaFisher Member

    Thanks for the input.
    Is there any particular reason that you picked the port side cubby? I was thinking of the starboard cubby....not sure why I was. Maybe I was thinking the wiring would be on the same side as everything else.
    Where are your vents? I was hoping to have three but after more research it seems that 2 might be the max.
    Where did you locate the controller?
  5. ryanb

    ryanb Active Member

    I have mine mounted in a pilothouse on the port side on the bulkhead between the cuddy and pilot . One vent towards the cuddy and one up at the windshield. The vent and a windshield fan does a great job of defrost. Very simple short duct runs of around 6inches. Tank is under the floor with a diesel fill on the outside gunnel. Always nice to keep diesel outside the house, even a small spill will stink for a while.

    Never had any issue with wind.
  6. Crow

    Crow Active Member

    I saw one installed in the port cubby when we were boat shopping.
    I think port side has Better access through document locker. The controller is mounted below the port vebirth window on the forward side of the cubby above the sink.
    The Fixed open vent is at the passengers feet and the closeable vent comes out in the vebirth.
    The duct pipe runs behind the ice box/sink into the storage area under the vebirth cushion and out to the right of the under sink cubbard.
    My installer ran power with a breaker switch right off one of the house batteries so it can run without the battery switch on.
  7. NootkaFisher

    NootkaFisher Member

    That sounds like the easiest install. What are your thoughts on the defrost of the front window with this configuration?
  8. Crow

    Crow Active Member

    Pm sent

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