DFO 2020 Halibut Fishery Announcement & Regs

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  1. wildmanyeah

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    Recreational (Sport) Fishing for Pacific Halibut—IPHC Regulatory Area 2B (Sect. 28) PREPARED BY: IPHC SECRETARIAT (2 SEPTEMBER 2020) PURPOSE

    To outline considerations relating to a future (2021) regulatory proposal from Canada to allow 10% of the Canadian (IPHC Regulatory Area 2B) recreational fishery limit, if uncaught, to be added to the recreational fishery limit in 2021. “Recreational Pacific halibut fishery changes in response to COVID-19 for Area 2B: Recreational fisheries for Pacific halibut have experienced disruptions to fishing opportunities and markets, and are proposing sector-specific management responses for consideration by DFO and the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). The recreational fishery is seeking an underage carryover provision that would allow 10% of this year’s recreational TAC, if uncaught, to be added to the recreational TAC in 2021.”
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  2. SerengetiGuide

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    Any recent update on poundage Caught by end of aug? Know commercially Alaska and B.C. around 60-68%. Not sure how that compares to previous years
  3. wildmanyeah

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    Not sure when the rec catch is updated to but man ouch

  4. SerengetiGuide

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    Believe that’s to end of August
  5. Augie

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    No one, outside of a few groups, are getting their quota. Total landed is 63% of the quota. Perhaps the regs are too tight and need to be re-examined
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  6. Captain PartyMarty

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    Wow looks like the rec guys haven't caught much! 34% of allocation. I would have though with the Salmon restriction people would be hammering the Hali.
  7. ILHG

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    I let go SO Many nice Halibut this year... Grrr
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  8. searun

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    Don't lose sight of the fact that the regulations were evaluated and set in February via Condition of License prior to Covid impacts becoming widely understood. Remember, Canada closed its borders on March 21...this Covid situation evolved very quickly and when decisions were being made regarding our Halibut fishery none of this stuff was really on the radar. Once our regulations are defined in the CoL, those cannot be changed as they are printed onto your license, which came into effect April 1. Remember that Covid timeline...borders close March 21, fishing licenses and regs must be available prior to April 1. Ergo, no time to anticipate and then amend regulations. Let's be real here, this Covid thing tossed a huge curve ball everyone's way. Totally uncharted territory. You might suggest DFO amends the CoL in the Licenses, but its not that simple. Amending would be impractical because each licence would need to be re-sent to every license holder with the amended version...not to mention what do you do about somehow having catch records copied onto the new licence.

    The only thing that can be varied is the pre-set daily possession limits, which were amended in August once we had enough data to clearly demonstrate the underage trend, to allow 2 fish under 90 cm to be retained in one single day trip.

    We are seeking approval from the IPHC to allow a Covid related carry-over. Those meetings are to be held this week. They have international implications as anyone can imagine. Have to wait to see what the IPHC determines. Fingers and toes crossed. Same also for Commercial sector. Low demand and poor prices for catch. Not a good year for anyone.
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  9. wolf

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    Also the Charlotte lodges closing was a MAJOR hit, and no Americans coming over to the banks fishing in Canadian waters (shouldnt be anyways ) ...Totally agree with Searun no one could have predicted this year. ... I wish we could have a redo please.. LOL
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  10. ziggy

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    I’m surprised so much Of our TAC is assumed to be taken by American/ Foreign visitors? It would be interesting to see if it could quantified as to what portion is normally taken by these guests. I get lodge visits were down and likely will be next year as well. I assume Canadian visitors might have been down as well, but to what extent? Certainly an eye opener.
  11. Doug

    Doug Well-Known Member

    DFO says they cannot buy fishing licenses, so how can they catch fish?
  12. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    You only have to look at the past % numbers in july an Aug months as to see where the TAC goes (normally)
  13. Jencourt

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    And there ya go! A couple statements that show pretty clearly just for whom and what non vested Canadian sport fishers (the true recreational fishers) have been taking it up the ass to serve.
  14. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    I realized that was when the bulk of the TAC was taken. I just was unaware of what a large percentage was taken by non Canadian fishers.
  15. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    No I didnt say that but alot goes to Canadian and people that come to BC to fish have every right as your buying a federal lic. its our "Canadian right " in all of Canada not just the BC residents.

    As for the Americans we all know they have been coming here for years and years hell some even guide out of certain spots we all now it and nothing has been , only thing DFO has done anyone wanting to fish have to go to a vendor in Canada to get a fishing lic ,,, I brought Up many many years ago the only way US should be able to fish here was to hire a guide or make it so they pay WAY more then what they do now so that money could be use to support programs in fisheries, They are not allowed to hunt here without a guide I said same rules really create more jobs for us here at home... guess what got shot down on that....
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  16. Old Blue

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    Hmmm how about a foreigners halibut license? Fee's go directly to buying more TAC for Canadian Sportfisherman
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  17. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    US did this in Alaska.
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  18. SerengetiGuide

    SerengetiGuide Well-Known Member

    when? Because I know guided guests can catch a lot more than that
  19. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Maybe Foreign fishers should have to buy quota? I don’t think guys going to a luxury lodge would be deterred much by the cost of hiring a guide. If they bought quota they would not even impact Canadian public fishers, because they’d be using commercial quota.
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  20. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Maybe they buy quota.

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