Departure Bay thieves !

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by high tide, May 4, 2015.

  1. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Just the heads up folks, there are some real jerks amongst us. Two traps set in the harbour before fishing Sunday, zero chance they drifted away, zero chance they were not marked correctly and confiscated , GONE , RIPPED OFF. Pricks stole one complete set up with a high quality float, rope and trap, other trap was emptied of its bait and catch.

    Beware of the a holes BOYZ.

    Other then that three springs, two boxed ........ White hootch and green silver coyote.

    Good luck all
  2. quicksilver11

    quicksilver11 Member

    Had one stolen the day before as well commercial size so I know it didn't drift! bastards!!
  3. Funny you should mention that... Saw some guys in a bayliner cabin cruiser near my traps as I was steaming in. As I approached they sped off. Pulled the trap and 1 undersized crab on a all day soak and bait missing. 12 the previous day. Just so you know If I catch you in the act I'll be boarding your vessel with my gaff :D

    You mentioned you set your traps in the harbour, might want to call the harbour patrol guys, they pull traps if they are near ferry lanes, even the small dinghy dock ferry. I've seen them pulling traps near the fishing dock on the way to DD.
  4. Hot Reels

    Hot Reels Member

    I set an old trap on the far side of Newcastle. They didn't want the trap but took the crab. I burn my name into the float so it's no use to anyone else!
  5. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    Starting to get common place, the otherday i was having trouble with my main idling, so i was picking up my traps with the kicker , told my buddy to grab the trap while i ran the kicker, i said ( got my name in it) he said yeah, pulled it up and i was like huh? That aint my trap,(jeff robertson) whoeva you are we puter back with the crabs.. Oops!, but i here ya , thats the reason i wont buy high end crabtraps anymore .. To many duschebags that like to steal crabs & traps because they cant catch their own...

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  6. dougthefisher

    dougthefisher Member

    Maybe time to set "a trap". set out a few traps and have someone go have a picnic and watch to see who is stealing them. |I would sent the person to the beach first just in case the thieves are watching to make sure you leave.
  7. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    Some nice hidden inline treble on the ropes are a nice thought in an a--shits hands .

    How pathetic of the useless poachers .......
  8. chevyshaulass

    chevyshaulass Active Member

    yep bury a couple small barbed trebles upside down into your groundline a little ways below your float, 60% of the time it gets em every time. just don't forget they are there.
  9. Tugcapitan

    Tugcapitan Well-Known Member

    FYI, not saying there aren't thieves, but we've arrived back in van from departure bay and many other places plenty times before with crab / prawn trap shrapnel caught on our barge zincs, trailing line, towline, bridle shackle ect....
    Rarely do the traps survive to be salvaged, and deckhands don't have time to keep the floats and look for
    Names or numbers. They cut them off the towline as we are bringing it in.
    We do try to avoid them when we see them, but in the dark, or when constrained by necessary maneuvers, it happens.
  10. high tide

    high tide Well-Known Member

    No these were placed NO WHERE NEAR Shipping or Ferry lanes ... NOT A CHANCE of That ... there ARE some REAL PRICKS out there stealing entire set ups not just crabs out of the trap but they are doing both.
  11. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    X2 n the log booms, coffin point used to be good crabbin but with all the raw logs heading overseas and everywhere else the inner harbour is a sit on your traps kinda fishery now, my buddies lost 3 one day, hooked on a logboom, not the tug captains fault , not the easiest things to steer around..

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