Crab traps

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  1. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    5 commercial crab traps for sale

    Got them instead of getting paid on a crab boat
    All 5 traps are pretty much new
    Asking 100$ a piece there 150 new
    Interested in trades for a set of downriggers
  2. Dukeofearle2000

    Dukeofearle2000 New Member

    I'm interested Where about are you located?
  3. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    Do you have Photos? I assume these are standard round all stainless uppers with rubber rapped reg. steel bottom end with a zinc.
    What is the diameter, weight of the trap and how many gates? Commercial traps do seem to come in different size/models.

    I may be interested in some that are not as rusty as the ones I have.

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  4. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

    around 40lbs i can easly pull hand

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  5. gone fishin

    gone fishin Member

    I send you a message.
    please get back to me
  6. wayne marwood

    wayne marwood Member

    1. Are they sold
  7. islander55

    islander55 Well-Known Member

  8. waverider117

    waverider117 New Member

    are these the 2 or 3 door traps
  9. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    I'll take 2 if still available.

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