Crab pot bouy rigging?

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by froek, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. froek

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    Hey all. I'm trying to find somewhere that explains in good detail with images on how to rig a basic pot with a float. I have basic folding pots with lead core rope and the standard red white bouy. I can't find how to properly rig the line to the pot as well as through the bouy with the rope. I'm unclear as to how and why to do things a certain way.

    I have read things about strong tides and currents, losing pots due to crappy knots and "walking pots". Nowhere do I see exactly what knot to do where. I don't want to 'donate' my pot on the first drop.


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  2. 7Deuce

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    I'm not sure what the "correct" knot is so I've always used "a knot of many knots". Never had a problem.
  3. Time

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    Easiest way to connect to trap is with a 4 point harness.
    Do a quick google search for "crab trap harness" to see what they look like.
    You can tie up your own if so inclined, but by the time you buy snaps etc. might as well buy a pre-made set.
    Every shop from Walmart, Capital Iron, Trotac, has them in stock.
    The "snaps" also hold the sides closed, are easy to remove when opening trap to collect crabs from trap.
    At the float, tie a knot several feet short of the end large enough so knot won't slide through float. Just tie loosely so you can move knot upward after placing float and upper knot in next step.
    Run tag end through float, tie another large knot to hold float on line.
    I usually throw a 1/2" stainless steel washer on the line before tying the upper knot.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. froek

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    Yeah I was thinking some sort of washer would be a good idea.. Thanks!
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  7. sly_karma

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    Good idea to have a 1 lb clip-on weight to put 20-ish feet below the float, prevents excess rope floating up and fouling someone's prop.
  8. Mako 22

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    Leaded line is the solution.
  9. Bait&Sea

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    Leadline with zap strap on tag end of knots
  10. Canso

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    Don't be this guy!

    This is I front of Sandheads, south arm Fraser river.

    I took a picture as I was about to lift it and relocate, but it went under and disappeared before I got to it.

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    Hmm I call that crab pot bay

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