Converting a Sea Sport/Orca inboard to Outboard

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  1. dradons

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    Has anyone converted one the the inboards to an outboard setup?

    We are thinking of doing this for a family boat in Prince Rupert where my brother lives as we like the idea of enclosed cabin etc for rainy days and excursions into Alaska and the other inlets.

    Unfortunately, outboard versions appear to be few and far between and considering the option of converting an older one. Any suggestions on years or traps or if this is even a good idea. Or if we should just be happy with the inboard.

  2. Captain PartyMarty

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    These are the guys who build the factory pods and they will sell and install it on an older one. They will also do the glass work to fill the hole.
  3. Sharphooks

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    The conversion concept is a well-beaten path for both Sea Sports, Ospreys and Skagit Orcas. Just recently, I saw a post from a guy who converted a 26 foot Osprey (and hung a DF350 on it) ....he walks you through his labor and costs for the conversion:

    The following is his response (Avitar/handle = 26Osprey) —-he includes lots of details and things to consider which is why I thought it was worth cutting and pasting

    Originally Posted by marketic View Post
    Hey Osprey

    Can I ask what the conversion costed? I’m thinking of converting a 27 foot Skagit Orca and like you did, hanging a DF350 on it. Curious what it cost to pull the I/O, build the bracket and integrate everything with the back deck. Pictures would be very helpful. Thanks

    26Osprey’s response:

    No LABOR = $39K for hull modifications, engine, bracket, steering and fuel system would be the minimum if you did all your own work and reused pretty much everything (Washington State prices inclusive of Tax).

    If you update basic systems along the way then closer to $50K if again you do ALL your own work. And $60K if you do everything on my list below. No idea how many hours I have into this, but it would be measured in weeks and there are some pretty dirty jobs with the fiberglass work.

    Things to consider:
    Can you reuse the existing fuel tank? Is it sound and rated for gasoline?
    Fuel pickup?
    Fuel level sender? Diesel sender unit is likely not rated for gasoline.
    Fuel fill hose?
    Fuel Vent hose? My original was heater hose???
    Fuel Vent fitting?
    Old diesel disposal?
    Fuel tank cleaning? This is not trivial.
    New fuel lines and fuel filter(s).
    New steering ram.
    Steering hoses?
    Steering helm(s)?
    Removal and disposal of old engine and out drive. I sold mine on Craigslist.
    Clean up of engine room.
    Grinding to prepare for transom reinforcement.
    Transom repair of old out drive opening.
    Painting of repairs on exterior of transom
    Transom reinforcement
    Mounting new bracket. *** I had PDR Marine build the bracket *** it's really nice.
    Installing new engine
    Installing new steering ram
    Installing steering tubes through transom
    Installing rigging tubing through transom
    Connecting all wiring and hoses
    Renewal / Replacement of trim tab system?
    Replacement of bilge pump system?
    Wiring for Trim Tabs and Bilge?
    Removal of old controls and gauges at helm(s)
    Repair of all the old holes left behind by old gauges.
    Install of new controls
    Install of new steering components
    Install of new gauges
    New electrical distribution panel?
    New wiring throughout?
    Connection of battery system to engine.

    Discretionary items that were also included in the $60K:
    New hardwood dash.
    New lewmar deck hatch over the berth
    New AIS and new VHF and AIS antennas.
    New windshield wiper and upgraded my trailer brakes to disks.
    Again all my own labor.

    So, I replaced everything in the list above except the fuel tank, which luckily was rated for gasoline and in excellent condition, but cleaning was not trivial.

    Still on my list is a new galley configuration, sink, stove and refrigerator, water tank, pressure water system and diesel cabin heater and once all that is done new upholstery and vinyl wrap for the hull.

    Seems like a lot until you look at new boat prices where a somewhat similar model with identical power is listed for $180K


    I crunched the numbers for a Skagit Orca: I would have been into the project for approx. US$ 60K for pulling the Yanmar/Volvo etc, building a pod, converting steering/fuel supply etc etc and also, hanging a DF350 on the stern

    There was a 27 XLC for sale down on the Coast for $50K and I almost pulled trigger but here’s the thing: I haven’t seen a conversion yet that has been able to efficiently (and elegantly) clean up the space where the I.O. sat—- some of the conversions I’ve seen just cut off the empty engine compartment box (huge on a Sea Sport and Orca) and tack a slab of diamond-plate on to cover up the hole.

    But it’s do-able—-just depends on how you want it to look and what you’re willing to pay to get it to look right
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  4. wolf

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    Good deal for 1 month of fishing....
  5. Sharphooks

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    I was thinking the same thing—-I backed away from a conversion because it’s a cloudy future across the board for a salmon fishermen
  6. tains

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    I podded my 24 seasport and no regrets.
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  7. High Time

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    I was seriously considering the same conversion and just on the edge of committing to it this Winter, but thanks to "Wilkie the Puppet" and his drama teacher Boss in Ottawa, I will likely put it on hold and see if this band of political hacks get re-elected, and if so , my wallet will stay in my pocket.

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