Conservation officers need help with B.C.'s bear problem

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    The biggest reason for more problem bears is that bear populations are increasing, and as they do they expand their range, including into populated areas. Then along comes a year like 2019 where food supplies are short and, voila! Bears go after whatever is available, including what's in people’s homes, gardens, chicken houses, and wherever else something smells and tastes good.
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    What food is out thereI was thinking it would have take a few more year that many bears for what food
  3. kingspring

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    Love reading logical reports, I think we should ban lattes, gotta be something in them that makes people stupid.
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    I am still waiting for the expanding non hunted grizzlies to discover the white furry meat balls on the small islands. Some people demonstrate how real crazy they really are, like the guy on the news wanting to spend countess $$$ putting cams on CO's, and the other lady who was crying that the CO had to kill a problem bear. What's next? I say all who want to help start PAYING to help, buy the cams, train the CO's, pay the bill or cease. Sounds like more dumbed down Canadians (Libs) crying.

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  5. ChinookExerciser

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    Six bears were euthanized in the same Metro Vancouver neighbourhood last week

    "Bear problems start when bears lose their wariness of people — called habituation — at which point they could be hazed or relocated out of the neighbourhood but once they become “food conditioned,” Badry said, there is nothing that can be done to save them.

    At that point, if their aggressiveness continues, they have to be destroyed, something the conservation officers don’t want to have to do, he said. Still, it happened 600 times this year province-wide, down from 1,000 destroyed in years past."
  6. wildmanyeah

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    Talking to CO, the reason why they are killing less problem bears is do to public pressure. There is actually more problem bears now more then ever.

    In an area I fish they used to put out bear taps near the fish fence now they do nothing. In 2016 there were a few bears in the area and last year there were 5.

    Sooner or later they will have to do something.

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