Commercial crab traps, Esquimalt

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Kildonan, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    This summer there have been some commercial crab trap strings set around Esquimalt outside of Esquimalt Anglers around Macaulay and Saxe point.

    I’m curious if many folks have had issues with these? Have you had your gear tangled on them?
  2. Tom Mac

    Tom Mac Member

    Pedder bay as well, hooked one with my down rigger early one morning in August. Some of the floats are right in the way of the best tacks. Was really tempted to hack the float off, got all my gear back but ended up losing 50 feet of down rigger braid and missed the first tack of the morning though my best spot. Crabbing for my self was was poor all summer as well, last year limits most times the traps were out.
  3. sundance

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  4. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately this is an good example of how DFO caves into the well financed and represented commercial sector at the expense of the rec sector. The comms basically can fish anywhere and to hell with the rec sector. SFAB has tried numerous times to get DFO to exclude a few popular and convenient crabbing locations (i.e. close to boat launches, marinas and popular fishing spots) to the rec sector but DFO has no interest to do so if they comms sector doesn't like it.
  5. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    I lost a set up on a commie trap where the float was about two feet below the surface. You'd think that the pros would know how to read tide tables and leave enough slack in the float lines. My buddy and I worked hard, and put ourselves as some (reasonable) risk to get our equipment back without damaging the commercial trap line. That your one for free buddy.

    Next time I run into a poorly marked trapline in a well known recreational fishing tack, it's getting cut. The douchenozzle can waste his own time dragging the bay with a hook to grab up his gear. Maybe next time he will think twice.

    The commies figure they "own the joint" and we're just in their way. Maybe if they have to spend a bunch of time finding and recovering their sets it will be less profitable for them and they'll move on.

    I for one am a HUGE proponent for cancelling ALL COMMERCIAL FISHING (and that includes NATIVE COMMERCIAL (AKA SUBSISTENCE FISHING - AKA BULLSH!T)) on the Pacific coast. You want to save the whales? Get off the frickin' couch and catch fish for your family yourself. There won't be a single issue in 10 years.

    But I digress. Commies that crab in well know rec areas are going to have to invest considerably more time and effort if they can't find their traps. That decreases their profit. IF they keep doing it, well, you can't fix stupid.
  6. Newf

    Newf Crew Member

    Not trying to defend the commercial guys here but some of our own (Sporties) are no better. I fish quite a bit in Pedder Bay and the Sporties are dropping their traps further out all the time. One popular tack along a 20m contour line can be peppered with traps, especially on weekends. I've seen guys come out of the bay, drop their traps in areas where folks have just trolled through and then boot it out through the passage and head up towards Sooke.
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  7. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    And if I get caught up on a poorly placed, poorly marked recreational trap, I can pull it up, grab my gear, and safely reset the trap (provided it is not going to be a hazard). I can’t pull a commie trap.
  8. Newf

    Newf Crew Member

    We've done that as well. Hooked one in 100ft of water with about 80-ft of line. Pulled it, baited it and dropped in 60ft of water. No name or phone number on it but it was gone two days later.
  9. Franko Manini

    Franko Manini Well-Known Member

    I think the point is we are all trying to be decent folks. Some people just make it a lot harder to accomplish.

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