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    Hi Brian and Chris.

    I have not poked around the new site to the extent of some guys, but I think I have a pretty good feel for it. My comments are as follows.


    Everything seems to work as it should, and the site is visually appealing.
    The site seems fast and responsive, with no errors observed.
    The site is easy to navigate, and most features are easy to understand.
    New users should not have a problem with quickly adjusting to this format. This version displays much better on mobile devices. I had to use Tapatalk on the old forum, with this version I could definitely make do without it.


    As with the other format, picture posting will be the problematic area for most people. If the 1MB picture upload limit can not be raised then you will end up having the same complaints all over again. Uploading to the Albums may be an alternative for larger pics, but the limited storage space makes it of doubtful benefit if you upload a lot of pictures. If you exceed your Album storage limit, you will have to delete images you have linked in past posts. This will result in many older posts being full of dead picture links, which is very frustrating when browsing the archives.


    I have no problem with re-sizing my photos, or using a hosting account to post photos on a forum. Unfortunately, from the comments of many members, anything less than a point and click upload method is just too complex for them to use. Sadly, while this software appears far superior, it may not result in fewer complaints. Unless the picture uploads can be simplified for the average user, you may just be setting yourself up for a whole new round of complaints. Some will be upset by more changes they have to adjust to, compounded by the fact they still can't simply upload a high res image from their phone.

    This software is certainly a big improvement, and I think it would be an excellent upgrade. I personally think it is well worth adopting. All I'm trying to say is that without improvements to the picture upload process, you may still not satisfy the members that were upset by the last round of changes. I feel sorry for you at the mercy of the software vendors, because there's just no pleasing some people on the forum.

    I don't think you will regret it if you adopt this software, but don't expect it to quiet all the grumbling either.


    Revised Edit

    Awesome work Chris and Brian. I just saw the post that you have increased the size to 3MB for phone pic uploads, and have also increased the size of the gallery storage as well. I think with those changes you will have a real winner on your hands with this new software. If the forum members are still complaining after fixing those issues, I don't know what you could do to satisfy them. Good work. I hope all goes well implementing this change over.
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