Commander good deal Y/N?

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  1. Ruff

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  2. kaelc

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    I'd be interested in seeing the lots of extras? It seems to have davits for a dingy(hopefully with a small 2stroke) but no mention of it, an essential for getting the kids off the boat to explore islands and burn up energy.

    It looks really nice inside. The 4.3's may be cheap and easy to get parts for/replace? What leg do they have and when were the risers/heat exchangers last replaced (sorry if my terminology is off, my brother has a very expensive single inboard where I have outboards). The cost of maintaining two inboards seems too high for me, but then having two engines is great for not ruining a summer vacation/trip when one has a problem.

    Boat pricing is all over the place. 1994 is 23 years old, but what really matters is has it been well maintained. There are lots of 2000's bayliners that are bigger that sell for less and have a bed/short room under the back deck, which is perfect for kids. The problem I have is not getting two footitis and wanting a bigger boat when the kids get bigger!
  3. scott craven

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    We know folks with a 30' Commander that love the boat.
    Those 4.3 V6 engines are very reliable and reasonably economical.
    Also the engine compartment looks very clean (a good sign)
    as well as the rest of the boat.
  4. finaddict

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    A very well built boat built in Port Moody but while actual length may be 27, boat was originally sold as a 26'er. Classic lines, beautiful woodwork fit and finish. How many hours on the engines? Full documentation of all maintenance? Additional covers not shown other than Bimini? There is a very good reason why it is priced higher than 2000's bayliners.......Like comparing Dodge and Honda....

    Put a list up here for us to go through and we will see what that adds t o the value.I owned a 26' Campion Toba (very similar design) and I would buy Commander over ANY other 26/27 foot command bridge.
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  5. I own a 1986 26 commander and I love it. very fishy and roomy for the 2 of us, but 3 extra little ones could be cramped. don't want to drop another 30 or 40000. in a few years down the road as kids get bigger. also if you ever had to repower they are very pod-able.
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  6. pescador

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    That boat looks too clean to be true. I don't know the market for Commanders other than they have a good rep. Always wise to buy a clean boat as it reflects on the captains habits around maintenance.
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  7. Brando

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    The ad appears to be in kelowna? If it's been kept in fresh water it's whole life that's a huge bonus in my books!
  8. Ruff

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    Thanks for the response guys. I went and had a look at it and it looks like a very clean and well cared for boat. My wife's exact words when we left were " either that guy is very meticulous or he's been putting lipstick on a pig.....". I had a good look through the boat and didn't see any reason to suspect the latter. One thing I found curious was that when I asked if the stove worked he said he didn't know as he had never overnighted on it....? Found this odd as he seemed very particular about everything else but didn't know if he had a working stove??
    The boat has only been in fresh water for 3 years as it was in Vancouver before that. As far as extras, there really wasn't much to speak of. A couple of older electric downrigger with very little use and a couple of boxes of spare parts. He gave the tender to his brother when he moved the boat to kelowna. He did say that he would leave most of the dishes and galley gear with the boat so that's a plus I guess...
    Still mulling it over as it seems like a pretty good deal to me but not looking forward to trying to get a trailer for it(a trailer is a must).
    Anyways thanks for the replys and if anyone has any more input is appreciate it
  9. leftcoast

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    Interesting and you may be reading into it to much but even if you don't over night at some point you would think the oven would be needed to heat up lunch or make some chicken wings.
    Besides getting the boat home why do you need a trailer? That's a lot of boat to trailer all the time.

    I don't know on your budget but this one seems like a great buy.
  10. Fishin'Zinn

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    If the hull and engines are in good shape that looks like a nice boat, few and far between if it's true
  11. Dogbreath

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    I've known a few fussy people who didn't use their stove/ignored it and lived off picnics during day trips for them that's what the boat was for.
  12. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree-especially an oven which I believe this has. I can believe that there are people who never light up a stove at all.
  13. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Did you decide to buy it, ad is down now. The one is Pender is a nice set up. Has most things you would want in a set up, nice electronics, kicker motor and tender. Over 20k more but had diesel repower.
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  14. Ruff

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    I didn't buy it. Still thinking about it but might pass and save up for another year or two. I have 3 kids under 5 so I have a feeling that if i buy this one that I'll be kicking myself in a few years for not going with a 30. We also run a long way(60 miles) every time we go out so the diesel would be a nice option. Thanks for all the advice on here. I really appreciate it.
  15. kaelc

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  16. Aces

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    Looks like it's sold anyways
  17. les manuel

    les manuel New Member

    I have a 30 and podded twin 350 now it’s a boat
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  18. Ruff

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    I ended up buying a 30 out of Whitehorse. Brand new 5.7 Volvos with new legs . It came with new electronics as well that I just had to install myself. We've run it for 1 season now and are very happy with it. Lots of room for the whole family and cruises very nicely at 28mph. She burns alot of fuel but no surprise there. We got a Sea-wise davit system and 10ft RIB from @Rain City and put it on the back so kids could get off the boat for a few hours every day. All in all very happy with everything about the boat.
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  19. wildmanyeah

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    The canadian power and sailing squadron course i took Cautioned people greatly about using them. So I am not surprised that some people don't use them. Colorless odorless flame for some fuels? not sure it was a while ago that i took the course.
  20. Gong Show

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    Depends on the stove.

    Pressurized alcohol units have a checkered history.
    Propane is relatively safe, but it produces a lot of moisture when combusting.

    With the trade-a-tank programs everywhere, there is no reason to have an old rusty tank aboard.

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