Coming Back Full Circle

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by treblig, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. treblig

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    I started life angling with gear . Then I became a purist fly angler for our steelheads , salmons and trouts for decades . Then the last 20 years ultra lite long rod gear beach fishing for salmon off our British Columbia beaches.

    Amundson Outdoors has sent me their 14 foot 3 inch 9 wt Spey rod to challenge our salmon on the Nanaimo River.

    Stay tune as I learn the skills to catch these monsters . I will be using the rod for salmon only on the Nanaimo River. Not sure how to set up all the proper lines. Running line, float line, sink tips . If I understand correctly its the Skagit max for beginners and able to throw large or heavy flies. I think though I need a sinking head and running line .

    Anybody have suggestions

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  2. Big Green Machine

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    A full circle would be going back to gear based on your timeline. ;)

    That aside, I think trying new things is a good thing. Spey casting can be done with adaptations of course, on a single 5 weight. Don't get hung up on the myriad of 'purist' soap boxing going on in the millennial fly fishing world.
  3. treblig

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    Good Point as I will be also using the ultra lite gear for new prototype lures from AP Tackleworks from Victoria and Olympic Tackle from USA this fall

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