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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Slabbedout, Feb 25, 2020.

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    Hey just cleaning up the boat after sitting since October to get out for some Hali soon. Just curious what guys are using to clean sunbrella and the vinyl windows on their tops. My top is 3 years old and I have always just used a very mild solution of dish soap and then rinsed well. Unfortunately it’s really dirty now with pollen and grossness that will require a bit more work. I know my top is sunbrella and I believe strataglass windows. The windows have very faint haze too and I am curious what to clean or polish them with ? I was suggested pledge but I know the guy that made the top told me that was a no no. Also is there anyway to figure out if the vinyl is something different than strataglass, say eisenglass ? Or does that even matter for with what or how I clean them?
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    I just soak the sunbrella in hot soapy water, scrub rinse and repeat. My sunbrella is original to the boat (18 years) and it continues to amaze me. Key is keeping it out of the sun though - my boat is under cover all year.Maybe some fantastik on the worst spots.

    I use lemon pledge on my flexible side windows (some kind of transparent plastic) it works well, although where it hits the aluminum frame requires a lot more effort to remove the grey/black material.
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    I'm using clear to sea on the clear and whatever boat wash soap on my canva . Then I treat the heck out of the canvas with the green 303 for sunbrella 2x a year. That junk is so expensive but it's the best I have found so far.
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    There is a previous thread on the site where cleaning of windows was discussed and what people used. I can't seem to get it to post as a link but the name of the thread is "Clear Vinyl Clean and Care" you can just search and get it. As for sunbrella I have tried to stick with just soaps but have used stronger cleaners once in awhile for stains etc. and it worked fine for removing them and the sunbrella was fine.
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    used that Meguiars vinyl polish...seemed to work pretty good.
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