Chum Derby 2016

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Hellbent223, Sep 22, 2016.

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    PS, if you're looking for chromers there were lots of clean fish in the mix. Guys were keeping fish that were coloured up because of the high aggregate prize. Many of the fish were extremely bright, however they tended to be the smaller 6 - 8 pounders.
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    So in this digital age, I can still obtain a paper DFO issued sportsfishing license (with conservation stamp) from "tackle shops,resorts"!!!

    I thought when DFO changed to the (poorly administered - (what's new?)) glitch ridden online licensing system, you could not buy a paper license anywhere - only through the DFO website. Can anyone confirm that they have such a license?, or is DFO just relaying more inaccurate information.

    The more the system is flawed/mismanaged the closer the fish cops circle around.

  3. N2013

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    Still lots of chums coming though. Spent the last 3 days out after them. Fished the flood on thursday, then ebb on friday and saturday. Dummy glow flashers with glow flasher/little shrimp looking like thing. Anywhere from 40-80 feet worked best for us and we focused on a particular rip/tides lines on the ebb and the flood we stayed away from the crowd that was in Deepwater/Sep head and focused further up north. 8,9,10 each day with a couple coho thrown in the mix as well, 4-5 hours of fishing each day. Thursday on the flood was probably the thickest water I've ever fished. We just ran one rod for about an hour as by the time I started dropping the other rod, we were hooked up on the other side. Friday was mainly males, yesterday was all females. Pretty fresh fish too!
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    Took dad out for one last fishing trip of the year.
    Limiting was not hard. Lots of chrome to be had.
    Hilarious watching dad's eyes pop when we hit yet another triple.
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