Chum Derby 2016

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Hellbent223, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. It'll be nasty and wet but fishable for most. A southeaster not that bad for plumper/deep water, little to no fetch. Gale northwests on the other hand, much more dangerous in that area, especially on the ebb.
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  2. frayedknot

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    9 Years straight in the derby have to miss this year cause family wedding on hornby island :mad: I hope the have indoor plans not just outdoor . Have fun boys stay safe see ya next year. :D
  3. Gearbox Paul

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    Has anyone been fishing today or have you heard reports of people fishing today? I'd like to know if the wind was bad at Brown's Bay today. Thinking of going tomorrow. I called the attendant today and she said it was not bad at all but I'd rather here it from someone who was actually on the water.
  4. Cuba Libre

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    Well- I definitely think you need more up to date info. I had two large firs come down in my yard north of Courtenay .Got the powerline. No way I would have wanted to be on the water today. North of Seymour Narrows it can be quite different, but the forecast is not that great for tomorrow. Stay safe.
  5. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    It was not bad for wind today in Deepwater Bay. Had about 8 on I think between me and my buddy. Landed 5, two were teeners. Not hot fishing, but considering the forecast way better than I figured.
  6. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    Thanks BigGuy, good to know.
  7. SpringFever552

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  8. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    The storm predictions so far have not materialized up at Browns Bay. It has been wet, but actually quite calm out on the water. The better fishing locations are very protected from recent SE winds, and the only issue has been the rain.

    It was not very crowded fishing today as I think a lot of guys who bought tickets and reserved sites at the marina cancelled out because of the predicted weather.

    The fishing was unreal today for our boat, and most guys seemed to have done very well in the area we were at. The bite started at 8am and lasted the entire day till we packed it in around 2:30. Myself and my buddy probably never went more than 10 minutes without a fish on throughout the entire day. We probably had at least 10 doubles, and one triple. We cut back to 3 lines because it was pretty near non stop action. We probably had easily 50 fish on between us. No real big ones, the largest were low teeners.

    I tried many different methods and almost everything produced. Michael Bait hoochies, magnum hoochies, minis with spin and glows, action head hoochies, and herring strip all produced fish. The fishing was so good I decided to try mini Flashers instead of full size and they were working as well.. Much more fun playing the fish on mini Flashers. I think only one rig I tried for a short time didn't get fish.

    One of the most action packed days on the water I've ever seen. Most boats were battling fish very regularly from what I saw where we were fishing.

    First time up for me, and I must say I was truly impressed with the fishery. We are moored in slip 10, if you feel like stopping by for a bevy.

    Awesome derby so far.
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  9. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    Had a great day on the water as well. Crazy good fishing. One issue: I had guests with me today and they are unable to purchase a tidal license because the DFO link is not working. I called Browns's Bay and the attendant told me the same thing, she is unable to sell fishing licenses because the web site is down. So we only had one license for 3 people on the boat today and kept far more than 4 fish. The fish cops were out today checking boats, but did not check mine. What do you do ? We honestly tried to get purchase 2 more licenses but cannot. As I write this, the link is still we'll have the same issue tomorrow. Has anyone else had this delima ???
  10. Crow

    Crow Active Member

    3 on board and tubbed out buy 10:30

    Been participating in the derby for over 10 years and today was wet but possibly the most productive in memory. Everything we put in the water produced

    The winds were a non issue

    18. Is the largest so far. Will see what we can do about that tomorrow....
  11. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    wow you can buy licenses all year who waits till day of or day before to buy a fishing license ???? sorry but that's just crazy and then you let them fish anyways and keep their limit? nobody gets on my boat without a license... that's insane
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  12. Trimtab

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    Nice to here good reports. Gritting my teeth for sitting on my ass all day at home watching the Browns Bay web cam. High in site is twenty twenty. Enjoy the smoked salmon. Use dodgers to dodge the police lol. They might understand oops.
  13. You mean the dilemma of allowing poaching on my boat, nope never had as I don't allow it. I guess it was fortuitous you didn't get checked. To me it's like hunting October 10th for whitetail doe opening and showing up on October 10th to buy a whitetail tag and they are sold out or site is down or whatever. So shoot one anyway and tag it when there's a tag to buy. It's poaching regardless of circumstances or best intentions. If you caught a derby winner I wonder if it would have been disqualified due to no licence? Hopefully the site is back up today so you can fish legit. Not trying to make you feel bad, you asked a question and that is my thoughts on it. Chum are fish too :)
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  14. tightlines

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    It's pretty standard for once a year fisherman to buy licenses at the last minute, which is entirely their right. I would have done the same as you gearbox Paul. DFO doesn't have an alternative to online purchasing and the link was dead/down. It's on their shitty system, not on him.
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  15. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Yeah it is a shitty system but it's what we got to work with
  16. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    so its ok to break the law then?
  17. salmonkiller01

    salmonkiller01 Well-Known Member

    Not o.k to break the law, but dfo set up the way we get our license. They should have a back up for technical problems. I would fish but only keep possession of fish for licenses on board. If your checked by officers it could be a very awkward conversation. I lost my license last year and always have a printed and stored a spare on board. Copy written on it. Got checked and could not find my original(thats when I realized it was lost), pulled out my copy to prove I have a license and got read the riot act. Now I make sure I do not have a copy and always locate my license before fishing.
  18. Rednex3

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    Whether or not the site is down at the last minute is not the issue here. Entitlement is the issue. Clearly there was some planning in the fact that you are participating in a long running 'for charity' derby event. You and your guests dropped the ball by waiting until the last minute to purchase licenses and were unable due to technical glitch. That is YOUR GUESTS' problem, and by allowing them to fish on your boat, unlicensed, it becomes YOUR problem as well. Outright poaching; you sir are an accomplice and enabler. Unconscionable at best. No better than the people that throw nets in a closed river just because they think they have a right, or the scumbag that is using a 'cowichan spoon' to snag and retain fish in a non retention river fishery.

    There is a toll free number and roadside signs all across the province to deal with incidents such as this. You better hope nobody calls it. An offence is an offence is an offence.
  19. GDW

    GDW Active Member

    anyone out there fishing this Sunday or are you all sitting at home judging?

    Hope you got back out there and got another 12 fish. don't post about it here though!

    The DFO site is still down from what I can see, completely unacceptable.
  20. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    Enough on the licensing lectures Dad

    I just want to see fish pictures as I can't be there this year.
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