Chum and Coho on the Vedder

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    Many years ago when I was working at the Big Qualicum hatchery on the chum spawning channels , I got given a dose of reality from Chief Jim Sewid from Alert Bay. I had worked on his seine boat tagging chums offshore . As a result when he visited the BQ project we immediately started talking chums. There was a crew at the bottom fence pitching spawned-out chums into a farmers truck for fertilizer. With a big grin on his face, Chief Sewid said to me " You guys dont know what you are missing !" WUT????? And what does that mean ? I asked. He pointed out that some of the does were still kicking and were in good shape-- no rotting flesh, no fungus. He told me that in his culture they sometimes selectively harvested spawned out fish and put them in the smoke house. I was pretty doubtful, but stored the lesson away in the back of my brain. Fast forward to 10 years later when I was assisting the salmon enhancement program at the Alouette River Corrections facility . They started with a chum incubation box project, which later turned into a multi species hatchery and rearing project. A number of the inmates were Native and they asked if they could build a smoker and smoke a few of the better brood fish for the inmates. The Chief Corrections Officer at the institution asked me if this was healthy and feasible. I related my discussion with Chief Sewid. Next day the smoker was up and running. It gave the guys behind the fence something extra to look forward to. Well-- they got away with smoking chums for two seasons before the Health Dept in Victoria issued a cease and desist order. The chums were not from an approved or inspected supplier !! No kidding ! It convinced me that there IS a place for tradition customs . I dont hesitate now to smoke and eat saltwater and river chums. Glad you found this out before you started listening to the naysayers here FishDoc !
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    Thanks Cuba Libre that was an awesome story and piece of history!
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    rember fish doc is a bit of a newb
    he is learning and we all have been there
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    Yeah I'm new to this BC coast living and fishing. Guess what though... that smoked chum disappeared in very fast order. Tasted great. My brother said I need to smoke all my salmon. Dad loved it, father in law loved it and Mother inlaw did too. So apparently its not as gross, disgusting and inedible as some may like to think. I'll keep whacking and smoking them, cause I'd rather eat the other salmon bbq, baked or other styles. Chum is a perfect smoking salmon in my opinion.
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