Check your trailer springs

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  1. Bows Up

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    So I'm hooking up the boat yesterday and I pull it by the tongue sideways to get a better angle out of my shop. Moves but takes way more effort than it should.

    Hmm.. Look under the trailer and the springs have collapsed on both sides. Frame is sitting on the axle bolts.

    '94 galvanized trailer that I have rinsed religiously for the five years I've had it. Thought about getting the springs done on principle but put it off.

    Karma it didn't happen on the highway. Ugly, very ugly. Night before I'd won the 50/50 at a Cops for Cancer potluck and given them back my winnings. Goes around comes around ? Bottom line is I was very lucky.

    Check your springs.
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  2. Oly1

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    Same sort of thing happened to my fishing buddy. Except it did happen on the highway. 24 foot Kingfisher on an aluminum I beam dual axle trailer. (3 years old) The manufacture had a piece of flat bar steel holding both spring up to the trailer frame. However they only held both ends with U bolts. Nothing in the centre for support. Well with the flexing and such on the roads up north, it broke 3/4 of the way to Prince Rupert. Lucky a passing motorist flagged him over just as it happened. No damage to the boat and a friend had a welding buddy there that fixed it up temporarily. When he got home he has a shop make up a proper spring mount that was supported at both ends and the middle. Been working good for a couple years now.

    Morale of the story, yes check your springs.

  3. gunnerlove

    gunnerlove Active Member

    A couple years ago I had to replace a spring with a block of wood and ratchet strap midway between Bamfield and Alberni. "Why are you taking a chainsaw fishing?" asked my wife.
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  4. SpringVelocity

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    Mine weren't working very well as they should on my boat. I ignored the stiff suspension and broke an axle. Its important to replace these often if they get stiff. A broken axle is the worst.
  5. BCROB

    BCROB Member

    Wow glad you weren't in a real hurry and was able to catch this ! !
    Good reminder here....

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