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    IMG_1419.JPG IMG_1418.JPG IMG_1417.JPG IMG_1416.JPG IMG_1412.JPG IMG_1415.JPG IMG_1411.JPG IMG_1411.JPG IMG_1410.JPG IMG_1409.JPG First of all these charts were coiled up tighter than the diameter of a looney. Ironed them out on a 2' wide drum iron we found in my mom's basement. A little checking and I assume you can't get charts like this anymore and or nobody uses them anymore. I don't imagine I will getting up to any of these locations in the near future so what would they be good for?

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  2. Wild Bill

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  3. Wild Bill

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    Vintage charts for sale $1000 ea. OBO!
  4. Gong Show

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    I have framed a few of my old charts.
    My favorite has my grandfather, my father and my writing on it.
    Has my blood and my father's coffee spilled over it.
    Good memories when I look at it.
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  5. Wild Bill

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    If I had any personal connection to these I would do the same. Recycled like a responsible earthling!
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    they look great under a glass table top
  7. Cuba Libre

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    Well- I can tell you they have a LOT of value for boaters, even if they are not metric. Trying to look at the "Big Picture" on a chart plotter leaves much to be desired. Quite a few fishermen/boaters that I know insist on having the paper charts for reference. If the rats have chewed them, then perhaps they can be used for fire starter. But sometime, somewhere, your electronics will fail and thats when you will be very happy that you didn't get rid of the paper charts. More info here
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