Castlegar Walleye???

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by bcbassfishing, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. bcbassfishing

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    I know I'm new and sure there isn't many who will want to chime in but my 11yr old son and I are planning on giving this fishery a try in early aug in the upper stretches with my 17ft bass tracker aluminum. Would anyone be able help put my mind to ease with some thoughts on this unique opertunity. It's one on the bucket list we'd like to check off. Thanks guys and gals.
  2. tubber

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  3. Big Green Machine

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    Launch below the dam in Robson, anchor up and start jigging in 40 feet of water, with yellow curly tail jigs with some pro cure bloody tunas scent. Money, but go in the evening after 7:30 pm.
  4. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    ^ this- that's exactly how I've caught them.

    One thing though be sure you don't anchor too close to anyone or to any bank fishermen there's lots of space and locals are quite sensitive to being crowded- it's all about respect.
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  5. bcbassfishing

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    very cool... now question time... how much flow are we looking at? (anchor size, jig head weight to stay down in the strike zone ect) also is it very popular? Next is how close would one go to the damn? the only info i have really got is just look between the boat launch and the damn.. rather vague but hey I'm game if thats all I got to go on. Also is there any forestry sites near by? NOT into crowds or locked gates as we will be coming and going at odd hours lol.
  6. Bear

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    Do a search "Columbia River Walleye, Castlegar B.C." Lots of info.
  7. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bear, that was helpful.
  8. bcbassfishing

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    Try'd to watch that video but its a pay to view thing.... I know everyone needs to make a living but not going to do it. Anyways guess the real big question is where to stay while we're over that way... would really prefer a forestry site area. Not into gated camping. Anybody got some insight? our wonderful goverment pages don't show much of anything.
  9. Big Green Machine

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  10. bcbassfishing

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    Very cool.. I'll post up how it all goes.
  11. bcbassfishing

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    well thank you to all who replied.. very cool fishery. Had a good time, weather could have been better , caught some fish, met some cool locals. More to learn about it but to be done again..

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