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    Those of us who are isolating are doing some things they've always wanted to do. With all this isolating I have be canning frozen salmon and tuna snacks.
    My vacuum sealing is pretty good but after a year I find the product against the bag is freezer tainted. I can taste it and smell it and I don't like it. For this reason before I thaw the fish I run them under hot water and scrape the outer layer of yuk which is usually only 1-2 mm. Wasteful, yes, but more likely that I will eat it in the future.

    The photo is of tuna curry snack in a 500mm jar which is easily a meal.

    I have commercial cooking experience so I dont really use recipes.

    I cubed raw Tuna about 1/4 or less of the total volume fish to Vegetables
    Cut baby corns
    red pepper

    rooster sauce
    soy sauce
    fish sauce
    sesame oil
    chicken stock
    rock salt

    Mix it all together and fill jars that have about 1/4 inch of stock in the bottom and can using safe canning procedures, times, and temperatures/pressures.
    I'm suspicious about canning with some of these ingredients, specifically the soy sauce, rooster sauce and sesame oil so do your research before doing this. I couldn't find on the net that said it was dangerous. Just an fyi,
    The thing I may do differently is to cook off the tuna cubes before jarring to avoid all the coagulated tuna juice. Only a visual thing. Tastes the same I assume.
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