Canadian Tax Dollars going to good farm bailouts...

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by Andrew P, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Kudoa is a fungal disease? Really? I thought Kudoa was a myxosporean parasite.
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    That's what you take away from this?? Call it what you will, it's complete bull that tax payers are subsidizing the relief of these self inflicted wounds to the industry.
  5. Whole in the Water

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    Hello salmon feedlot industry supporters - please provide rationale why this is a good thing! Time to stand up for your industry!
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    .... crickets ....
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    Well - at least it caused some work for Grant to respond to it. I found Grant's assertion that: "BC ocean salmon farms have an excellent track record on fish health." very interesting. I'd like to be able to see those "records".

    Wait a minute!!! Those data are "privileged' intellectual property. Wouldn't want the great unwashed getting hold of this stuff, making the wrong inferences or something....
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  10. Andrew P

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    CK, fair enough, he made some errors in his information sources and such. Great. You have done, in my opinion, a very unprofessionally written rebuttal of this.

    What you didn't address at all.....HOW MUCH MONEY HAS YOUR COMPANY RECEIVED IN ANY FORM OF SUBSIDIES OR PAYMENTS FOR DESTROYED FISH FROM THE TAXPAYERS? This is the real issue at hand and you didn't dispute any of that. The only assumption that I can draw is that either you have received that much or more....otherwise you would have clearly disputed that.
  11. shuswap

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    It is another example of how D.C Reid can't seem to get his facts straight. If he is so intent in attacking this industry or any industry he should make an effort to have his ducks in order. Be critical, but be fair. The small example I highlighted is not hard to find information on. He could have done a simple Google search (type in "Kudoa")or checked out Cohen Technical Report #1. Personally, I like to see that care to detail - especially with that sort of commentary where there are many claims made. Some errors? Actually more than just "some". You are very kind to him, but that's ok if that is how you feel. Over and out.
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    Thanks for the link. Here is another from your side that is worth a read.

    We can all agree that when industry gets money from the government (my tax dollars) this is a bad thing.
    According to your report your industry get around 6 million a year and growing.
    But its small potatoes next to fossil fuels at 2.6 billion a year and growing.
    So the argument is "yup are hands is in the cookie jar but we are only taking a small cookie, look at those other guys"
    Yea I'm impressed.... with the "look we have pandas" type argument or the "look we are getting rid of the penny" Nice try but some of us are not falling for that line.
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    You must be a real laff around the cubicle. The end result of Kudoa ends up in mush. Is that why the edit? Talk about hair splitting. If you are so anti Read and a stickler for detail why do you not share all of his errors? I'm sure you and thesawrus Dave can come up with some important ones. Seems to follow you around like a lap dog over at rawds. Over and out.
  14. Whole in the Water

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    Good points GLG, just because other industries are doing it doesn't make it right or good. Yet another example of an underwhelming, lame and shameful response from a polluting and disease spreading industry that is protected and subsidized by Govt. with our tax dollars to protect big foreign corporate interests - disgusting and sad at the same time!:mad:

    All the more reason to continue to work and use political pressure to get them out of the water and on to land to help reduce their negative impacts on the environment and our wild fish.
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  15. agentaqua

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    Personally, I am with being as accurate, open and honest as possible - on ALL sides of this argument. Not to defend DC Reid or any other journalist - but journalists OFTEN get it wrong. They have deadlines and limited time to prep., so they go with whoever they can either get ahold of and/or have in their contact list. One of the main points where science and popular media part ways is in the context of giving the other side "equal views", or time.

    An example is the climate warming debate. Media people often get quotes and give equal time to the "other side",; i.e. the climate deniers. In the scientific literature the debate is on how much sea rise will happen as a consequence of what exact levels of CO2 and other "greenhouse" gas emissions. The debate in the scientific literature is NOT whether or not climate change is real and exasperated by increases in greenhouse gas emissions largely caused by human activity - especially fossil fuel burning. By giving equal time and attention to the deniers - the public gets a skewed view of the science - which is what the industry pundits want.

    In a similar vein - the argument against the open net-pen technology runs in the same script. When one looks at the science there is much caution from the science end about things like sea lice and fish disease transmissions. There are a few pro-industry studies that try to dispute how bad it actually is - which is okay and all part of science - but there is not a single example world-wide where native wild stocks have cohabitated w/o any impact over the longer term. Not one. because if there were - you know the industry would be tripping all over itself to prove the critics wrong. Instead they resort to shooting the messenger and getting their PR people to do damage control in the media.

    So I don't think we need to make it appear bad, or worse than it is. bad is bad enough. We should be able to have an open debate on what risks we as a society are willing to have - and what trade-offs we are willing to accept. I believe that all open net-cage technology should be banned from areas where there are large numbers of migrating adult - and especially juvenile salmon are found. We can then decide to accept or reject individual sites based on a thorough environmental assessment. Even Cohen has some recommendations around these points.

    problem is - this has never been done. The industry does not want that type of scrutiny, and the regulators who are often also ex-industry types defend the industry and misunderstand who their clients really are. I think the only plausible reason for this resistance is corruption in our government. Just look at what Harper has done in his last few years of power. Go ahead - try to tell me that he isn't catering to industry and their lobbyists.
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    You guys haven't changed a bit.

    You could always just give up and just say you don't like it, instead of trying to sound like you have a rational reason behind your opinion...
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    same as you i guess.. lol i am a plumber, if i make a mistake no one bails me out...well better put i have 5 million insurance that i pay dearly for out of my pocket,, do feed lots have some sort of pay-back the govt to get this insurance? if so how much and i want some!!!
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    actually x 1000
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    Ok I don't like it. Get that disease spreading crap out of our waters before it's too late.
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    X2 I do not need any other info on why I do not like fish farms, the facts are all obvious.


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