Campion 542 Net Storage


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I have a 1998 Campion Explorer 542. I'm looking for ideas on how to store my net while fishing. I have a Scotty net which has a fairly sizeable cap on the butt end.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, pics even better.



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My buddy has a rocket launcher holder rail mounted up the starboard side, a bit of a reach but out of the way.


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what i did for my DE 185 ( similar size boat ) sounds weird but it works. i actually EXTENDED the handle.

i cut down a garden rake and jammed it into the end of my old net. then i wrapped it in net wine and whip finished it. looks good.
so the hoop of the net is pretty much at the front of the boat hooked into the bow rail and the butt of the net is easily within reach from the back. when you net the fish point the handle towards the sky and lift fish in by the hoop of the net so the excess length isn’t a factor.


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I have a similar issue with my 185. Have found the best option is to have my net fully extended, then lay it net towards the bow resting inside the rail. Using the scotty net minder as well helps keep the basket outta the way. Originally had it in a rail mounted rod holder, but a 6' handle plus a net put too much torque on the holder. I wouldn't mind trying a lighter net (gibbs 6'), or else run a rail mounted rod holder with the butt going through the holder (acts more as a guide) and down along the gunnel. Would lower the centre of gravity at least. Like Riverboy said, keep it vertical.