Campbell River

Discussion in '2015 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by winephart, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. winephart

    winephart Member

    Any good numbers of Pinks in the river?
  2. pinball90

    pinball90 Member

    there'll be some in there, but its early days yet, be there in a couple weeks or so.
  3. lbmmike

    lbmmike New Member

    I'm gonna drive up and check it out tomorrow. Will let you know what I see.
  4. fishthefishway

    fishthefishway New Member

    Is campblell river affected by recent closure for streams?
    I hope not but if it is, its good for fish.
  5. pennel

    pennel Member

    Was in the River Sports Man shop in Campbell River last week and also asked if the river was closed .
    I was told that it was open ,although a lot of people are under the misconception that it is closed.
  6. fishthefishway

    fishthefishway New Member

    oh great thank you. the river seems in the boundary of closure so was wondering.
    hope good number of pinks comes back again this year.
  7. lbmmike

    lbmmike New Member

    I went up on friday but didn't have a chance to post till now. When I was there there were only about 3 fishermen on the river and no pinks to be seen.
  8. lbmmike

    lbmmike New Member

    anyone been up there the last couple days? any news?
  9. Bear

    Bear Member

    There are a few in the Campbell. Flipping to-day.
  10. winephart

    winephart Member

    Anything in the last couple of raindays?????
  11. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg New Member

    I just got a report from a friend who is in Campbell River right now. He checked out the scene today and said the river is low and not many fish. Only a few people fishing. He even went to the mouth and tried fishing from the beach, but had no luck. He was there at the same time last year and easily had a handful of pinks in a few hours from the same spot.
  12. Hyde-N-Seek

    Hyde-N-Seek Member

    Just a heads up, pinks showed up big times couple nights ago. There were huge schools of them making their way up the river yesterday. Go enjoy them. Better late than never. The size of fish seemed to be bigger this year too.
  13. Bear

    Bear Member

    You better make a reservation to find a spot to fish. Pinks are here and so are the people. Good Luck.
  14. Vanisle

    Vanisle Member

    Fished for a couple hours today. There are a number of fish in the river now, but certainly not any where near the numbers when the run peaks. Only about 20 - 30 people fishing and only saw 3 fish landed. First time for me being shut out, with only a couple of hits with no hookups. Very tight lipped.
  15. jakeinater

    jakeinater Member

    How's the fishing? Has it improved or are they still tight lipped
  16. fishthefishway

    fishthefishway New Member

    hmm I wonder if pinks are still in river or they all went up now. Does anybody know?
  17. Hyde-N-Seek

    Hyde-N-Seek Member

    There are tons of pinks in the Campbell but they are getting pretty dark now. Still fish with sea lices coming up but they are dark too. It's still fishable but probably not the best for consumption. I noticed they are not close to its spunky selfs anymore, which is understandable for being on the river for a while now.
  18. eroyd

    eroyd Active Member

    Was up there this week. "Caught" lots of pinks, even fair hooked a few but never got a bite. Using circle hooks reduced the catch but the ratio of where they were hooked didn't change much. Clipped the point off the fly and didn't get a single hit. Bored of dragging in tired, soft pinks so I went down and tossed gear at the pier. Played 3 springs. There are an incredible amount of teen to low twenties springs around.

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