Campbell River Reports 2014

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by RiverBoy, May 17, 2014.

  1. Barnacle Bill

    Barnacle Bill Active Member

    Fished the Green Can this AM, got there about 0650.20 + boats already there.
    Purple haze and army truck cuttle fish plastic accounted for 4 wild coho and 6 Chinooks.
    Came home with 2 Chinooks both under 15lbs. ......BB
  2. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Well Done!! BB.
  3. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    BB, how deep were you fishing at the Green Can? Thinking of heading out this weekend.
  4. Barnacle Bill

    Barnacle Bill Active Member

    140' in 170-200'. Just fished the one rod, 15# ball. ......BB
  5. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    Thanks for the tip BB.
  6. Fish Nutz

    Fish Nutz Member

    Fished the green can yesterday and today. Got 4 on sat and one in a couple hrs this morning. Nothing over 15 lbs, most in 90-140 ft of water near bottom.
  7. Fisherboy12

    Fisherboy12 Member

    Fished the Green can Yesterday morning, my friend and I limited out with the biggest being 20# also release quite a few undersized. Gonna be a good summer!
  8. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    What a gong show..... 150+ weekend warriors with no clue or respect for others. Fishing was slower then reported over the last few days but still OK. Managed to get a couple before moving to more peaceful waters.
  9. gorillaboy

    gorillaboy Member

    Went out today to brave the North wester, green can was way too rough, so slid over to the light and was able to pick up a nice 15#, things have slowed down, just have to wait for the next wave???
  10. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

  11. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

  12. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    haha... Nothing to see here people move along.....:p
  13. Fish Nutz

    Fish Nutz Member

  14. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Is any effort being made to protect these fish so they can reproduce?

    When there last Sunday I thought we were fishing the chum derby there were so many boats fishing.

    Is there any data showing what run these fish would be from?
  15. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    After that check 6 news clip I think there will be more effort to try to catch them now.. probably 300 boats out there today.. :)
  16. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

  17. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Powell River.
  18. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

  19. gungadin

    gungadin Well-Known Member

    Speaking only for myself, mind you, I seem to be making every effort to ensure these fish will reproduce. I admit though It would be nice to catch a few if only once in a while. :) :)
  20. chopperdude

    chopperdude Member

    Caught a ton of undersized at the green can, and a nice hatchery Coho, moved over to the hump and landed a 20lbs'er. A ton of boats out there for a Wednesday!

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