Campbell River Pinks

Discussion in '2017 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Summer Steel, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Summer Steel

    Summer Steel Member

    I know it's still early, but does anyone know if the pinks have started to move in yet?
  2. Matsutake

    Matsutake Active Member

    Gonna call River Sportsman and get an update...
  3. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    I took a good look from the logging bridge around 2:00 PM today and saw nothing in the way of Pinks at all.

    Talked to a local and he says nothing yet too, but they can come any day now and I'll yell when I see some.

    Take care.
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  4. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    There here.
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  5. Damien

    Damien Well-Known Member

    I'm in CR now. Going to wet wade for a bit this morning.
  6. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    I forgot to yell.



    Take care.
  7. Damien

    Damien Well-Known Member

    Yup, I'm at the river now. Lots showing, not a lot getting hooked.

    I got snagged up 10 minutes in to fishing, gave it a yank and my rod snapped. Must have had a little ding in it from a prior incident.

    Headed to sportsmans for a new stick, haha.
  8. eroyd

    eroyd Well-Known Member

    Last weekend was good. Not one every cast but enough bright fish to make it fun. Later on they get soft and are hard not to foul hook. A couple of guys were illegally keeping them above the Quinsam. Watch for a 30-40 year old chubby guy that can't stop yapping. Water is a nice temperature for wet wading.
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  9. Damien

    Damien Well-Known Member

    I managed to tag a couple. Didnt witness any other caught.

    I had to mix things up to figure something out that would produce. Went against traditional Pink tactics.

    After I got a couple off on my own. I had 4 guys come from a ways away to snuggle up entirely too close to me. As if all the fish were at my feet.

    Super fresh fish though. On to the bbq tomorrow.

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  10. BradSaunders4

    BradSaunders4 New Member

    Fly fishing on the river??

    New to the area, locations on CR to fish and where to avoid?
  11. Old Fisher

    Old Fisher Member

    Yes there is good fly fishing on the Campbell right now for pink salmon. Most of the other flows are too low and warm.
    I suggest going to the "fly only" section of the river. It's easy to find on the upper part of the river. Good luck.
  12. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    Pink fry are hatched and coming out of the gravel. Cutthroat???
  13. winephart

    winephart Crew Member

    Yup! Hit a few yesterday on a fry w/egg sac imitation
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  14. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    They are in the River.
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  15. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    Lots jumping and lots being caught. Silver fresh.

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