Buying a New Outboard in the States

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  1. Fish Nutz

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    I'm going to be repowering my boat this spring and was wondering if it was worth my time looking down south. The reason i want a new one is the waranty so if the waranty isn't good up here that won't work. Any input and/or suggested outfits to buy one would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty flexible as i'm repowering a smaller boat (16 foot double eagle), but ideally i'd like no smaller than a 60 up to a max of a 90.
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  3. Gypseas

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    Mercury will honor their warranty across the border.
    Good luck

  4. TenMile

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    So will Bombardier (Evinrude, Johnson). Yamaha claims not to, however, very clearly in their warranty statement they outline that they will provide warranty service in Canada and the US -- you might have to fight them. I called Evinrude, and theirs is NA wide.
  5. MyEscape

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    We have just repowered the 29' proline I will be guiding on with twin 300 suzukis. We already have an EagleCraft with twin 300's with proven reliability. All the motors were purchased from Master Marine in Mount Vernon and there warranty is honored in Canada.

    Yes it is correct that Yamaha does not warranty motors purchased in the US So you would have to consider purchasing a after market warranty that would range in price from $700.00 to $1400.00

    Cheers ME

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    Hey ME are you owned by Americans?
  7. spring time

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    I bought my yami nov 07 in portland ( no sales tax) and a 150 was 10800 us and up here it was 17000 can it might still be cheaper. but for warrenty they said I have to go to the states to get it done. but I got six year warrenty for free. and I live in delta but would be a different story on the island. I don't understand the motors are made in the same factory. whats the difference in a us and canada motor, nothing
  8. Charlie

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    The manufacturer gives the distributor money to cover the warranty up front. ie Toyota gives Toyota U.S. x dollars for warranty work. If the work is done in Canada, Toyota of Canada has to collect the money from Toyota U.S., who really doesn't want to give up the money! :)
  9. bigredsnapper

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    Hey FNutz, I don't know where you live but there are lots of local, reputable dealers who pay Canadian taxes, employ Canadians and support our local causes. With the dollar the way it is NOT the deal these guys lead you to believe. Do your homework, shop some prices but always let your local dealer have the last crack at your business. Don't forget if there is a warranty issue, especially one that may or may not be covered your chances are alot better if you bought it from them. If you post the general area where you live I'm sure there are lots of guys on this forum who would recommend a dealer that they have personal experience. Remember sometimes it's not just about the price and you can always find a "cheap" one somewhere. I can't believe that there are lodges using American motors because the warranty is honoured here, if I was a dealer I'd be mighty pissed off.
  10. Rum Buddies

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    what about used motors in the states - any steals to be had?
  11. searun

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    I brought in a 2003 Grady White Express with twin 225 Yami's with 200 hours. There is no way, no how Yamaha would look at honoring the warranty here - I couldn't even purchase extended warranty. Bottom line is they had zero interest. Looks to me like they aren't hungry and the others are.

    Take a hard look at Suzuki. They are best price of any engine out there - I researched them all and I'm in the process of re-powering with Suzuki. I can't afford to run without warranty, and I need fast reliable service.
  12. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Well my Merc dealer know that I bought my unit in Oregon, and he could care less. He makes squat off new purchases. Warantee and maintenance are where he makes his money.


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  13. Cuba Libre

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    And excusse ma spelin.. sometime dis machin dont spel to gud...[:eek:)]


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  14. alumaman

    alumaman Active Member

    I saw a brand new 300hp suzuki advertised in Victoria for around 20k. There are local deals to be found if you look around.

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