Buying a boat in the states with no title in hand?

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    some very sound advise there
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    Yup, good info. Be careful when buying out there.

    I bought a boat and trailer from Washington state. Had clear title papers for boat and trailer however the trailer no longer had the factory manufacturers decal. It was a bother trying to get a replacement decal as the original manufacturer was no longer in business.
  4. Rayvon

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    Yup,same thing buying in Canada,trailer has to have a serial # tag on it.The trailer/boat that I bought in Edmonton last fall didn't have the trailer tag so I had to apply for one and have Can.Tire make and install tag.PITA.
  5. ReelSlim

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    I had a watercraft trailer that I owned in Alberta and the serial number sticker came off. When I moved to BC to register it I realized the sticker was gone. The lady at the insurance place ended up registering it as a grey u-built trailer instead of a galvanized EZ-loader. Works in a pinch to at least get a plate on it.
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    Easily obtaining a ubuilt trailer registration is a thing of the past unfortunately.
  7. abl

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    Bought a unit out of Edmonton and got home with wrong paperwork for trailer. Tried to get paperwork, but seller had papers for his old trailer. Went to a notary and produced a bill of sale and signed a statuary declaration (cost $30)then transferred and registered it in BC. Not a problem once I found out what to do. Didn't have to do an inspection as it did not come across border
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    15 years and older the tailer it won't have to go through the RIV process, but should have a vin if possible to prove it matches title. If it's a newer trailer and the sticker is worn off or faded it sounds like you'll have an expensive lawn ordainment as the manufacturers are not issuing new VIN plates/stickers from the two that I talked too. Plus anything going into BC over 6,000 pounds will need electric over hydraulic brakes.......
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