Buyer Beware !! Do-It Molds via UPS USA Beware !

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by sir-vivor, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    I thought Id post this to warn all of you what seems to be the normal when purchasing from Do-It and shipping via UPS (USA to CDN).

    Purchase amount Inv #$ 40 and Inv#2 $121
    Declared Value by Do-it $616 and $450
    Tax and Duty should of been $ 16.50 and $ 49.60
    Tax and Duty Charged to me $107 and $132

    Total Taxes and duty charged on the only two invoices I purchased = $239 on total invoice amount of $162 when in fact the total duty and taxes should have only been $66.10. A mistake of $172.90

    Now I am fighting with UPS for the reimbursement of taxes and with Do-It for the return of the product, neither are talking to me.

    I would strongly suggest that if your looking for molds or mold products shop locally or at these CANADIAN STORES;


    I'm done with DO-IT or UPS .... Never Again

    You be the judge

    PS this is a spin off from my earlier thread .... need help with import fees
    PS If Berrys Baits would have had this stuff I would have bought there without hesitation but its custom stuff and hard to get in Canada
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  2. Waterwolf2230

    Waterwolf2230 Well-Known Member

    That sucks, i've been burned too, what you are getting kabonged on is the brokerage fees, not the duty. Duty is a fixed % i believe and the Brokerage fee is their 'service fee' for handling the paperwork. Now when I have to order through the US, I insist on USPS or I refuse to place the order. I've never been screwed through Canada Post/USPS.
  3. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Your 100% on mark Waterwolf ! I used USPS as well and never a problem. But keep in mind that Do-It mainly to blame by overstating the declared values on the invoices which triggered the over charging and now run with their tail between their legs insisting they did nothing wrong and only when I demanded the B3 forms from UPS broker , found out Do-It screwed up big time , not good for business I'd say
  4. spring time

    spring time Well-Known Member

    Berry’s could not have ordered the right ones. If your that close that you shop at Berry’s, got to point Roberts we use tsp shipping. Open an account ( I think you can do it online) then order get shipped to there pay like 5 buck u.s. and then declare at border. That easy
  5. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Right Spring ! Let my passport laps ...Going to try SHOP CANADA , Hate Tru-Dhu economics but detest TRUMP anyway so GO CANADA GO lol
  6. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Saga update.
    UPS still hasn't refunded me the 90.25 yet but guaranteed me it was sent to my credit card and I should call them ..???
    Funny I paid by PayPal and no way they gave them my credit card number
    Now, this has heightened my interest, since I was with a bank fraud department years ago.
    So, I emailed my contact as UPS and asked for the date my Credit Card company was notified
    I was advised it was July 24th.
    I emailed UPS back and asked
    HOWS that possible , when I paid u by PayPal ???
    Two days and no UPS response
    What the F£/÷k ???
  7. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    IS the credit sitting in your pay pal account?
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  8. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    No, I was just emailed by UPS ...THE CHECKS IN THE MAIL !!!!!!
    hahahaha, no shit , the checks in the mail !
    How many times did I hear that as a banker now by UPS !!!!, after they guaranteed me it was send to my credit card company a week ago .!!
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  9. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Got the cheque ....maybe I should have asked it to be certified hahaha (Ok, it's a banker joke ok )
    Anyway .....
    In summary ;
    Do-It , unintentionally overstates declaration values ,which resulted in over inflated import costs
    UPS , lied and not so much as a sorry !
    My Solution, Will never order from Do-It or accept COD shipments from UPS
    THE END !
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  10. macro

    macro Active Member

    You can ship ups or fedex.. when they ask you to sign and hand over money, refuse. Tell them you want to self broaker the item. They will need to give you the paperwork. You have to take it to cbsa and pay the duty. They will stap it. Then reschedule the delivery and they have to give you the package. Its a pain, but no way im paying the ups or fedex crooks.
  11. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    Just shop Amazon or Ebay. They show it to you black and white.
  12. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Buy Canadian ....... It costs a bit more but well worth it to avoid the insanity !

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