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    I bet it’s part of a boat share program as that seems to be the choice these days.
  3. Pippen

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    Interesting that the post on FB has been removed.

    I was looking on my phone yesterday..wondering if that was the Kingfisher that is known to run out of Milltown (I think) but also picks up its clients from MacDonald and send them on their way with garbage bags of fish.
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  5. Cuba Libre

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    try to post again.. no IMG came through !
  6. Fishtofino

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    Apparently the RCMP asked that the thread be removed so that it didn’t hamper the criminal case
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  8. Cuba Libre

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    Chad--- A couple of guys caught a Kingfisher ( about 24 ft ) pulling their well marked traps somewhere near the Sunshine Coast. They boarded the boat to get their traps back and also looked in the fish locker. They stated that there were undersized and female crabs in there. A bunch of salmon rods with barbed hooks too. My take is that the outfit "appeared" to be very similar to the much talked about other Kingfisher. It was first posted with pics on the Commercial fishing Facebook site. It was apparently taken down quickly. Caused a real stir from the commercials who have been loosing traps I guess.
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    Not sure if this is liked to the investigation but......
    I thought it was strange to see two DFO trucks with trailers hauling commercial crab traps heading East on the Pitt River bridge Yesterday.

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