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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by gungadin, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. gungadin

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  2. cracked_ribs

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    Really interesting that they were able to allocate money from the fines to a couple of ph.d students working on related issues. I've never heard of that before.
  3. gungadin

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    I wonder if they will get the money from the 19,000,$ from the sale of the fish (which they had to return to the poacher) or from the additional 5000,$ imposed. Might be a good use of the money, rather then general revenue.

  4. ziggy

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    Looks like he essentially got a 6K fine and his illegal catch confiscated. 19K of the 25k fine was the value of the catch which was returned to him and I assume he sold, so at the end of the day he would be out the cost of the trip, plus 6K
  5. Gong Show

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    Generally your forfeit your catch to the Crown in illegal fishing cases.
    In commercial cases, if the evidence is clear, the catch will be allowed to be sold and the money is then forfeit.
    I have personally been involved in 'directing' some of that to certain organizations that the Court recognizes as helping the resource, but this is the first I have seen such direction to individuals, even if they are Phd students.
  6. profisher

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    One of my customers sued DFO and the six guys in that group were awarded $6000 each. The court then ordered DFO to pay an additional $12000 to Trouts Unlimited on behalf of another couple who were stopped at the BC border road block and who were being treated badly. This case went on for two years and was quickly settled before going to court when the attornys for DFO discovered that my client sat as a judge on the Alberta Supreme Court!! lol

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