Bridge Lake, BC - Fishing for Huge Kokanee

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Ben Fougere, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Ben Fougere

    Ben Fougere Member

    I'm excited to go back to Bridge Lake this year. Here's how I did last summer.

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  2. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Not sure if you also fly fish but, you can get those Bridge Lk kokes, as well as rainbows, fly fishing the chironomid and mayfly hatches up on the shoals away through mid-June. Also, I’ve noticed I can troll a lot faster on Bridge and have success for the bigger kokes compared to other Koke lakes (eg on Monte I find 0.8-1.2 to be the sweet spot, over 1.4 and very little, if any, action VS Bridge I’ve trolled up to and even a little over 2mph and had decent success).

    It’s been a few years but a decade+ ago, Koke popn in Bridge was way down and there was an abundance of small Lakers that were hard to keep off while trolling. Curious if you ran into many lakers last year?

    Nice vid, thanks for sharing!


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  3. Ben Fougere

    Ben Fougere Member

    Yes, the larger kokanee seem to like faster speeds, especially later in the season.

    Good point you make about speed variation between different lakes.
  4. Tom Mac

    Tom Mac Member

    Where did you stay when you fished Bridge? I fished Horse last summer and stayed at Caribou Resort with our travel trailer, nice place. Would like to try Bridge but need a place to stay with the trailer that we can bring our small dog.
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  5. Ben Fougere

    Ben Fougere Member

    We stayed at Lac Des Roche Resort. It was a few minutes down the highway and was a nice place to stay at. I'm not sure if they allow dogs or not, but they do have camping there.
  6. Tom Mac

    Tom Mac Member

    Thanks Ben for your input, we have just started camping and fishing along the "Fishing Highway" and have had a great time up there. Looks like I need to travel a short distance and fish more lakes from one base camp! Keep the fishing videos coming they help keep me sane over the winter.


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