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Discussion in 'Recipes, Storage and Preparation of Seafood' started by tortuga, Nov 10, 2010.

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    I'm experimenting with a new 6 racker.
    The manual suggests 2 hr @ 120 then 3-4 @ 140 then 2 more @ 175 for salmon. Any other suggestions?
    How many pucks do you use? (8 pucks = 2 1/2 hrs) Thanks .
  2. Fish Assassin

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    I just us my Hopper. I never use any kind of heat when smoking my fish in my Bradley. I make CLEAR cold smoked candy which is hard as a rock and sweeter then ??? plus I make a dehydated cold smoked salmon in my Bradley. If you want to hot smoke add heat, better yet stick it in your oven for 10-15 mins at 200degrees after comming out of your smoker. But with the use of sugars and salt over a 5 to 7 day period it does not need heat to finish. If you do it right. If your fish looks cooked (hope you know what I mean)when it's done it's because you cooked it. I could feed you fish you would never think was cold smoked out of my Bradley.

    Come See...
  3. Halilogger

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    It all depends on a number of factors, how full your smoker is, how thick your pieces are, weather you like your fish moist or dry, you will get the feel of it.
  4. Fish Assassin

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    Must add... I never use my bottom rack if using the boxes heater, as the bottom rack always burns.
  5. Fish Assassin

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    It's been day's guys. I thought that more people would have more to say. I could..LOL.. bet some of you knew that.. I could go on for hours. Is Bradley the best? Yes..So far for what it is... Is there any temp. or computer that will solve it's problems? Digitaly or not? Did digital fix it all? NO. But dam it is great owning a Bradley. I love mine. Do I use thier recipes? Some times.. Do I change them? of couse I do.. Toss the manual.. use your heart. You know what you do is always great Bruce. Well mabe not, I have never tried your smoked fish...LOL You have done it many times before. Sure its a new toy but don't let it fool you.. I did.. and all can say is I make thing way better then anything they tell you to. But changes can be amde to the recipes and temps. they tell you. Ney, I read them.. Everything needs your own taste.
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