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    Every year it gets a bit more difficult for me due to back and knees and the amount of heavy weight I have to lift to properly stage my trips but I’ve been working so hard since the New Year there was no doubt I had to take my spring steelhead trip up north and go and stare at my bellybutton in the woods.

    I went early this year: I have so much going on in May with bait business for the halibut and black cod guys I was forced to go in April. April means crazier weather and the chance for big precip.

    Last year, I got caught drifting in a stupidly small, completely overload raft during a 1,900 CFS event—-I reckoned the river had jumped up 5 feet in two days and I had my “almost trauma” of navigating thick log jams on a steeply canted brown tongue of water. Not rapids....just huge water with sucking whirlpools and what looked to be impenetrable log jams

    This is how the river looks before the logs get diced up just enough to get a small boat through
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    Wow ...that's some hairy crazy crap
    Right there...
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    Can’t get anything to download....might have to pull the plug on this story...had some nice pix to share....might be that the files are too large
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    would love to to see the story :)
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