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Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade / Wanted Forum' started by kingblazer84, Aug 5, 2017.

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  5. Rain City

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    Right. Langley. Don't trust ANYBODY from Langley!

    K but seriously how come?
  6. fishin solo

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    Seriously there on the same level as breakwater..... google them and checkout the reviews;)
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  7. Oly1

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    Heard the same thing from more than one person. If it’s a really good deal and your friend has the funds and or his own financing, might be worth it. Just be careful.

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  8. Rain City

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    I guess that's more what I'm asking. How's the price and quality of the boat?
  9. Rickeoni

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    How much are they asking?
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  13. Stizzla

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    I’ve fished in it with him many times. He has spent over $30k on it in the last year. Everything is new and legit.
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  14. MadJigga

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    With 40k into it , 30k asking seems fair to me.
  15. BCROB

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    Nice set up
  16. Aquaholic

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    at some point though. one would have to apply the law of diminishing return.
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  17. MadJigga

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    Sure. 25% in one year since overhaul and new power.’s an asking price......I just think stating a value of 50% of investment based on the size of boat is off. It may be the perfect boat for someone.... not me. But I fished out of a 17’ hourston for years. Great little platform. Until it sank at the dock cause my buddy had a cheap plug in it that rotted out!
  18. Aquaholic

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    I'm not referring to depreciation though, the law of diminishing returns is where you stop putting money into something that you will never get it back out of. I know this shouldn't apply to boats at all as they are not investments per se, but with all due respect to the owner of the boat in question, I don't think putting 40K in to that particular hull is something most of us would do for the aforementioned reason.
  19. brutus

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    Whoever thinks hes getting a good return on investment on a boat needs to give his head a shake lol, all it is expensive hobby
  20. Rain City

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    Don't tell @BCI that :eek:
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