Boats on Used Victoria and Other Areas

Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade / Wanted Forum' started by kingblazer84, Aug 5, 2017.

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  4. kingblazer84

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  5. kingblazer84

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  6. Sir Reel

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    Try looking at a Commander 30 diesel. Lots of room, fishes well, and economical. Would hit your price range and holds its value. Most already come with fish finders too. ;)
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    yup i want it. anyone wanna buy a fish slaying 16' lifetimer?
  10. kingblazer84

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  12. Highliner

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  13. Stizzla

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    Good finds Highliner! Couple of really good deals there.
  14. Jon

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    Damn why are all the decent deals always a ferry ride away or 2 :(
  15. Highliner

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  16. Che

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    See if the guy will meet you at the ferry terminal to see the boat? Chances are he will. Walk on rates and a cup off coffee is about $20. So budget $50 to take a look at the boat. If you like it, what's a couple hundred bucks to go and pick it up? It's a BOAT, bring out another thousand. $500 to take a ferry and pick it up is nothing if it's the boat you want.
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  17. Fisherman Rob

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    Yest that is a deal. Might be a bit of a sled for coastal waters, but for lake and protected water pretty nice!
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