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Robert Snyder

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need some honest help, thinking of selling my kingfisher! call it a feeler!!
2005 , 2625 harbourcraft kingfisher, all amenities removed and cabin shortened , like a sport cabin parker but alu.
tray is almost 11'
this model is the wide version. 9'6" beam, not the new pencil ones that look bow heavy.
suspension seats for passenger and driver
jump seat behind passenger
basic electronics that work
14" standard horizon gps
garmin also up front
icon radar
hummingbird at rear helm
rear helm can control both motors
2013- fly by wire zuki 300, installed new at the end of 2015- hours 1060
20 hp tohatsu kicker
two hp downriggers
2 mr3 with rods
2 hali set ups
anchor kit
tuna whips
new diesel heat
offshore deck chair
trailer if needed, honeslty only worth 1500 to me, has no brakes as i only use it in bam
boat was re-zolatoned 2 seasons ago, great shape.
boat has one heavy scratch from the previous owner in back starboard corner. (cosmetic)

Sounds like a turn key fishing package. You can punch in specific parameters to Craigslist, power, size and years to try to get a sense of what it might be worth. I'd watch Seattle and Victoria craigslist and see what sells. I'd list now as the US may be stalled on Government bailout packages and that will trickle down to the Canadian economy if they don't fix things. Does it have a Cuddy or Head? There is a 26 Weldcraft priced at 119k and a 2425 Kingfisher priced at $89 without those features. 100k splits the difference, but I would list at 93CAD or 69USD if I was motivated to sell but also give Sherwood Marine and a few dealers a call and see what they would put it on consignment for. They quoted pretty high for a thunder jet recently. I can give you a better idea if you take me tuna fishing ;)


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How would you feel if I told you the boat was uninsured then?
I would feel like telling a member who already has enough projects, to buy something that needs a ton of work at that cost, it should be a joke. Not slamming DB for wanting to get money out of the parts. The part that really made me cringe was the bracket, I hope the boat is still useable.


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If those pics are recent sure looks in decent shape, darn good buy. Downriggers would have to be moved other than that looks like a sweet little fishing rig.
Curious why you would move The riggers , I like mine at the back to leave the whole side open for netting but always open to new ideas


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Riggers at the very back make it harder to net solo.....
I would have to respectively
disagree, netting out the back seems like there is too much in the way, motors, swim grids and such. From the side my nets lies flat on the gunnel and everything is clear but we all get used for doing things our own way.


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Curious why you would move The riggers , I like mine at the back to leave the whole side open for netting but always open to new ideas

Looks to me like they are about a foot back of the back of the boat. Looks to me like anytime you would have to do anything with them you would be reaching to get at them. Even letting them down would be a pain. I like them towards the back as well but there is a limit. But each to his own for sure.