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scott craven

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Your not going to get a modern 4 stroke in 115-140hp on a 17 hourston for 7k lol. Compare apples to apples it’s a good package for under 10k.

under powered Is subjective I guess but trust the 60 is enough for that boat. Those Yamaha are bulletproof proof I’ve run mine at 4,500 rpm everywhere for the last 10 years no issues.
Ok I give, you win ! :)


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that one is under powered, needs a 90 HP minimum
Scott's right, I'v got a DE 17.5 and when I bought it as a new to me boat it came with an older Evenrude 2 stroke 70hp and it was grossly under powered. When I repowered to a Merc 115hp 2 stroke it really improved. Buy it with the 60 and run it until it drops and then repower it, that's what I did with my DE. Now it probably time to repower my 115 2 stroke but it's still running strong.


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Boston Whaler 170 Dauntless, h

// P

$ 26,500

Sorry if the link doesn't work but there's a well priced 2012 Whaler Dauntless 170 on Kijiji in Prince Rupert. I know it's not local but whateva..
Looks like it was the tender for Sockeye Blue. It has Rupert connections to her.

sockeye blue6.jpg


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Looks like it was the tender for Sockeye Blue. It has Rupert connections to her.

View attachment 57357

Id be really happy with the one on the bow !



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I drove past lifetimer today and saw that little cabin boat and pretty much had to close my eyes and cover my ears to keep from checking on the price.


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interesting set up - click the link then cut and paste the Youtube tour into your browser. How many 24 - 26. have a freezer on boardo_O (although it appears to be used as rope storage!)