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    @Aces has one for sale
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    I asked Monaro about their kit concept; personally I find the idea pretty appealing.

    The bare bones package they described on a 24 was as follows:



    Foam between stringers

    Floor in place, center hatch floor loose

    v-berth in place

    anchor locker bulkhead in place

    v-berth shelves in place

    Anchor locker complete

    Windshield installed

    Hard top with fibreglass liner installed with hand rails on top

    Outboard pod installed

    No electrical

    No hardware

    No upholstery or fabric


    Honestly...I think this is pretty reasonable. If you wanted a pretty minimalist fishing setup, not a RV interior, and you carry over your electronics from your last boat...brand new Monaro for relatively low cost.
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    Wonder what that would compare to a 24 aluminum at that stage. Sure sounds like a good deal if you are looking at new 22 foot seasports or similar.
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    Do it! You put way to much into that boat to let it go for so little. You earned it! Enjoy it as your retirement boat!!
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    Is it moored at newcastle? Thought I saw a similar boat there.
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