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Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade / Wanted Forum' started by kingblazer84, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Yes I just drove by it from the water heading into the Launch at the Prestige. It looks a bit older Dark Blue hull with a Hardtop and I believe the price was $23,500.
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    haha go to the okanagan or Shuswap it’s crazy. I don’t mind lack of skill. What gets me is the lack of etiquette.
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    I run a 1992 250 sportsman, the thing is a tank, hand laid heavy glass boat, not sure about this one
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    Probably goes fast as heck. I have small/medium floater jacket and pants you will need to keep warm 10 months a year, but even then rain will be a pain. Budget for a 10-20k repower but it might run loud and well for as long as you own the boat. I like a well fitting canvas top with full sides and windshield connects which are expensive to build custom. Get a survey.
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    Glad you chimed in about your boat.. I just sold a nice 17' lifetimer that I didn't post on this website (even though I'm a member and constant surfer of Sportsfishingbc) because i didn't want all the negative comments and feedback.
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    I would bottom paint it navy blue, put a Seattle Seahawks logo on it and call it the rusty Willy
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    lined up kekuli hill yesterday and the weekend isn't even here yet........
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    I'm sure that's my old neighbors boat in Deep Cove,it was used more as a party boat than fishing running in Saanich Inlet ,Sidney area.I have to agree,it's better than a boston whaler at least in that size.I'd look at it myself if it had different power.
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    Right, I follow you now. The next pic is of the bilge, with a transducer mounted on the bottom and there was some talk about that. The battery switch on the floor is a terrible idea, though, although I can't tell from that pic if it's in the bilge; I don't think that's the case.
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    That's the bilge picture number 6, motor mount bolt on the wall above. Shudder, memories of paying for a mechanical and the salesman at Sherwood coming out and showing me how wrong things were rigged. It shouldn't a be a salesman figuring this stuff out! Getting everything sorted only took 12 months to 5 years. Electrical and Electronics are whole subset of Marine Maintenance, ABYC is the standard and only a few have that standard in BC...I'm off topic.
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    I had a 21’ Wellcraft I can’t say enough about that boat. I was lucky to have it being new to saltwater boating it was definitely better than I was. Great hulls make for an enjoyable ride and experience.

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    Was there an affordable Hourston 26 with an outboard posted here a few weeks ago? Former guide boat? Just trying to find it. Thanks

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