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    It's all relative, when you can afford a $1,000,000 sport fishing boat, you can afford the fuel bill lol.
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    Even if the pontoons fail there is built in floatation. nice.
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    Good eye. That's definitely an old school carb'd 50...not a 90
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    Caught a couple springs off Hornby Monday in a 17 foot double eagle from a similar era with a 100hp yami that was new to my friend last month. Similar pricing but 50 would likely get her up too close to 20kns with two people? We were doing 30kn with 100hp two guys and a 3 year old and only one cannon ball :(

    Nice to see a loaded boat, looks like a newer kicker.
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    I really like my 115 yami, only issue is the tilt motor goes on them. eBaying knock off replacement is about 100$. Nice to see a full stand up hight top, fishing out of an older double eagle with a low top is a pain. Bet you could do mid 30kns in that boat and comes with an OK kicker. Never hurts to throw out an offer, starting to be the end of the summer so might get it in the range that works for you after he sits on it for a few more weeks.
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