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    I have been on the 28 it’s a nice boat and really a big boat with room to sleep 4 or more
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    As much as I love my C-dory the 190k CAD it would likely cost to get her home would get you a nice loaded 30 foot Commander likely with a tender. Dang exchange rate, transaction fees, shipping and taxes. Make my buddies, new to him, 40 foot Bayliner mothership with twin diesels look like a steal.
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    Here is the manufacture.

    Open head, reminds me of commercial fishing and using a bucket in the 90's. Oh what we get for 75k these days!
  10. MRWood

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    For $75K & 80K it would be nice to be able to sleep on the boat :cool:
  11. Aquaholic

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    Let's buy these boats and flip them soon as we can. Asking 65,000 a month ago:

    Yes, lodge boats, the Salmon Rock is a Cope hull with owner designed modifications.
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  18. Toba

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    Not sure
    Not sure but I believe this boat was for sale for a long time about last year and it was a inboard v6 for about 28k. Looks like a newer pod and doghouse cover which makes me think it is the same boat. Trying to recoup his podding which you'll never do. Anyone else remember that one?
  19. Stizzla

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    By using a used motor I’ll say he’s trying to recoup plus profit $10-15k. Look at walleyes and cannonballs boats In that price range. Not even in the same league.

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