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    Absolutely gorgeous boat, for a 75 thats in steller shape. You can tell its been boathouse kept. Would almost take that over my 28 Bert :eek:
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    Dont feel too badly.. I think we were third in line lol. We have been looking for a 22' seasport (newer model) or 22' Skagit Orca for some time.. we were ready to cancel our vacation to ferry to vancouver yesterday to have a look. we responded by phone and email the day it was posted.. there's always another one somewhere :)
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    I missed this one by one hour. Beautiful boat. Like new. The fellow said 3 people passed on it and a fellow from Nanaimo was passing 100 bills to the wife when we got there.
  4. DuroBoat

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    It looks like $10k more than the Skagit Orca that just sold for around $42k and it has older electronics, not quite as nice interior and a bit rough trailer. Not much to complain about tho - it's still a beautiful Seasport, just an older model and the Skagit Orca was a beauty and well priced.
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    Forum member is selling his Seasport 22 and it has been almost completely redone with new engine, electrical and electronics. 5k of electronics and canvas for the cockpit for 12 month a year boating and fishing. Best parts are radar, remote steering for the kicker and 3 downrigger mounts.
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    He sold it for 45 to the first guy. Pm me if you really want to know how it went down. I was number 2 in order of march.
  8. Highliner

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    Theres a 2002 vintage of this boat down the road from me that appears to be in great shape and is not listed anywhere. This is what the guy said to me when I inquired

    "It is a 542 purchased new in 2002. It has a 4 stroke Mercury 115 and. 4 stroke Suzuiki 9.9 kicker. Dual batteries and switch. Wired for electric downriggers. Chart plotter/depth sounder. It was surveyed by KOCH Maine Services in late October, 2019. The boat, engines and trailer were valued at $25,000.00 so there is a starting point. Boat has been in the water approximately 10 times per year primarily for fishing and tubing. Boat was always cleaned and the engines flushed after each use. Hope that answers your questions."

    Pm me if you want contact info.
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    Wow that 33' Bertram looks nice! And $65K asking seems reasonable, although not much info.
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