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    I believe it's an 07 I used to own one great boat but yes 23 degree dead rise a little tippy
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    It is an Opti, so fuel consumption is not bad, but you'd better bring earplugs 'cause it'll make you go deaf...
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    Looks like a 90's but I have no clue...old style downriver plugs.

    17.2 foot Hourston Glasscraft 150 Mercury oil injection 2 stroke with only 250 hours. Excellent condition with radar tower, dual batteries, new seats and lots of storage. Less

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    Barry Sadler

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    I had lots of guys ask if my motors were 4 strokes when they were 135 Opti's.......quiet compared to the old technology 2 strokes but still louder than 4 strokes
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    Absolutely a looker there! Pic 3 when it’s cruising... it looks stunning.
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    Already a deal pending on it! I am not surprised...
    As you may think that way. Chris Craft actually had to go to court over this boat. Because it was a Ray Hunt design. Bertram of course stepped in and started the lawsuit. So these 30 Chris Crafts are rare as production had to cease once the battle was over. So since that happened they are a very coveted boat. They always have a good resale value and if you find one and have the money. If I was you I would buy it :D
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    Saw that deal pending. Was gonna go "window" shop tomorrow. Oh well, wasn't meant to be.
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    Comparable to the 32 Bertram that was on here a while ago but cheaper. Good price for the chris craft
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