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Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade / Wanted Forum' started by kingblazer84, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I wouldn’t think 230hp of twins is too bad on a 24
    I do Agree 140’s would be better
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    Even has some of the same photos
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    Easy to drop 10 into a boat, much harder to get it out, almost impossible. Would forward it to my friend but they want a Cuddy.
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    Agreed, Money in is rarely money out, I know from personal experience.
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    The guy is probably trying to get all the money out eh?

    $35,000 from when it was for sale last year
    $10,000 on maintenance & new electronics
    $2,500 for pre-paid Sewells annual moorage

    The seller must be reading this thread because literally an hour ago the price was dropped down to $47,000!
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    You forgot the bill he will get in about a yr for the tax on the purchase of $4,200
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    Not dissing the Silver Streak or the price, great boat at 33k USD and 80k CAD to replace? Likely your only chance to get into a SS hard top like that for under 45k. I did lots of price adjustments when selling my boat and removed all the electronics which he may want to do. I couldn't take off the new canvas, suspension seats, radar arch...sunk costs a economics lesson most of us forget. I'm testing out the new pricing reality with a carbon bike on eBay with bids starting at $1 and free shipping. It would have gone for $750 plus shipping 3 weeks ago. Now I'll be lucking to get a few Canadian pesos out of it. Praying for someone to smarten the F...up south of the board 100k cases today, I digress. Anyone with a nice 18-22 foot Cuddy with outboards for sale? A friend was looking.
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    is 150 a bit light on a fully loaded striper? I'm thinking a lot of prawning gear and 3 guys would make that yammy work?
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    Yup, it would be nice with a 225. I had an underpowered boat for a while; more expensive on fuel, slow to get on step, lousy with 3 buddies aboard. The motor was always struggling to keep up. Took the blush off the romance.
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    But... If the one big motor fails, you will REALLY have a tough time getting on plane with a 9.9 :D
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    i don't disagree , lucky with social/physical distance that's not an issue;). it's interesting to me that sooo many boats show up with min power or underpowered. i assume the dealers push them this way to reduce initial cost. still the striper looks minters and for the right person could be a good option.. like the silver streak..
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    Yep it is the dealers-same way they sell a trailer for the boat-lightest they can get away with so that the deal looks good. Usually happens to first time buyers because once you operate an under-powered boat or had a trailer that is too light for the load--it never happens again. Expensive fixes and usually the best fix is to sell it on and start again!!
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    I had the same power on a 2008 with a soft top. It was fine on that hull but I was told when I ordered mine that the 200-225 was recommended with the fixed hard top. That is a great hull that planes easily. I had a 42mph top speed that I never really used. Fuel was good and it handled offshore well....just my experience on a boat I ran from new for 10 years hassle free.
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