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  1. Unreel

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    Ive seen a few of the 34' Double eagles for sale, one that was up for sale a few times for around 50k I think. This one looks like a beaut but price seems out to lunch.
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  2. UkeeDreamin

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    Not with a 69-cent dollar, which is likely to get worse before it gets better. At current exchange rate, you have to add 45% to the USD price ... that’s a big difference from the 2008 market crash when our dollar was worth $1.08 usd!


  3. BCROB

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    like this yummy setup........

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  4. kaelc

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    Yeah but those ain't Yamis! Love those Double Eagles, and the one double the price is due to the repower but since they are off warranty it seems a little high especially post stock market crash. Not sure about the great fuel economy claimed, still a hell of a lot of boat to move through the water and moorage costs with the LOA are likely pretty steep at least until 25% of the marine stops paying their moorage.
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  5. Stizzla

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    Judging by her ass floss, buying made in ‘Merica is the only way to go!
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  6. MonkeyMoose

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  7. Pineapple Express

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    Looks very roomy for a 17ft boat (compared to a Hourston or Double Eagle). Also looks like a very shallow V hull which means that it will ride rough in the chop, but also means that it will get good economy and have good speed on calm water. In any boat that size you'll have to pick your days based on weather conditions anyway.
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  8. Bifmalibu

    Bifmalibu Active Member

    I had an Alumaweld Talon with a 50hp 2 stroke Merc. I almost sunk it under the Lions Gate bridge on a tide change. Not a safe ocean boat at all imo. Would definitely need to be careful with the weather.
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  9. MonkeyMoose

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    Thanks for your input. I didn’t think it would work but the couple reviews confirm. Thanks!
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  12. Maybe a COVID selloff.......
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  15. SteelyDan

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    I'm not 100 % but pretty sure that one had sunk at bridgeview. It's been flipped a couple times now. I know the second owner
  16. Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express Well-Known Member

    What was the asking price? Must've been offensively low to get flagged off so quick
  17. Stizzla

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    16k with late model Yamaha 115 and 9.9
  18. Bifmalibu

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    16k? Thats a score and a half.
  19. Sotally Tober

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