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    Looking for a 17-20 DE or Hourston type in need of being brought back from the dead and a repower. Have a 140 4stoke begging to be put to use on a project.
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    That silverstreak is a nice boat but wow. 74000 dollars is a lot of money for a boat that size. I can't even imagine the 104000 at the boat show. Am I the only one that thinks these boats are way out of line with pricing?
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    Locking Hardtop 20-foot loa aluminum with dual steering stations and kicker isn't too bad a price at the used price point. The welding and fabrication that go into it aren't cheap, and that power isn't budget. Some premium details like trim tab and transom door, but no suspension seats and Hook 7 is a little entry-level considering it already has a place to mount a radar. Be nice if it had a couple of years warranty left on the engine. Hopefully the private seller didn't vote for Trudeau and you can negotiate a reasonable bill of sale ;)
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    Copy and paste from their add on FB:

    3 * 18 Ft Center Console Welded Aluminum Eaglecraft. Yr 2000 90hp 4 Stroke Yamaha. VHF, Sounder/GPS Combo (while quantities last) Package Price: $13,800- $17,200 (Based on overall condition and engine hours) 19ft Zodiac 600 SRMN (military model) Yr 2005 115hp 4 stroke Yamaha Easy Loader Trailer VHF, GPS/Sounder Package Price: $32,500 *Package pricing does not include gst or pst Date: Friday January 31st and Saturday Feb 1st, 2020. 10am- 2pm Location: Masset Hanger. 1 Dave Penna Way (beside Masset airport) Contact: [hidden information] for viewing or any questions Boats are “as is ”. Run up on site available for serious buyers.
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    I am looking for a circa 2006 Trophy 2359 Alaskan - missed out on the one at Bayview but love the setup of this boat.
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    Thanks BCI - sort of looking for the same setup as the Trophy 2359 - would like to keep the cost under 50k too. going to be tuff to find but am putting feelers out.


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    They are usually 35 to 60 for a really nice, you should be able to get one for 50 or less. Wait for one with a fuel injection with 300hp and the brovo 3 drive.
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    Anybody else reply to this ad? Haven't been able to get a response.
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    Yes,but did not receive a reply either.Those boats are exactly what I'm after.
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    That FB poster also posted the add in the Haida Gwaii Trader FB page. On that add it lists a phone number to call: "Contact: 778 866-5432 for viewing or any questions"

    Link to that FB page add:
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    I don't believe the North Island Lodge boat in the picture is an 18'. Looks to be one of the 20's from their fleet. Believe it's a case of unintentional false advertising.
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    Agreed on the fuel injection - had a 2352 with a carb and it was really a pain in the a$$ -
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    Thanks very much Chasin' Dreams
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    That is one of there 18’ there 20’ have tops
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