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  1. Millar marine

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    anyone use speedi sleeves on 6000 lb trailer hubs before? Can’t seem to find the right ones. Axle is in good shape but the seal surface isn’t so pretty.
  2. You might try and bearing supply house. You would probably need to give them the size you need as I doubt they would have a catalog to look that up in. I have had some success in repairing a surface like this by using a epoxy like JB Weld. Clean it up real good by using a wire brush and brake cleaner (CRC is a very good brand). After the JB Weld set's up, sand it down with some fine emory cloth.
  3. Buckethead905

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    I looked into them for the same size axle.. the digital caliper gave me a reading of 2.13”.. Speedisleve #99212 is the part number for that measurement. Before I pulled the trigger on ordering I showed a pic of the seal surface to my regular guy at lordco and he said to not bother.. The advice given to me was to sand the surface smooth with emery cloth and cover the seal surface with a light coating of anti-seize. So far so good. Even on an account at Lordco the price for each sleeve was around $50 a piece. I think I would definitely use a skim coat of JB weld and sand it down smooth before it’s completely cured.

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  4. AlK

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    I bought some a few years ago at Bridgeview Marine. I think Highliner Trailer also carries them.
  5. walleyes

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    This one I like. Don’t over complicate it, just make it smooth is good enough. Doesn’t matter of grease comes out of the seal some as long as it’s full nothing can get in.
  6. Viking

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    Marty at sealand rV in richmond has everything for any trailer. Great guy
  7. Prfisher

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    I just went through the same thing with my trailer. The guys at Lordco & NAPA both looked through their catalogues & couldn't find a sleeve to fit my spindles. SKF had the best selection, but none were what I needed.
    I ended up cutting the old spindles off & having a local welder install new ones I was able to find locally.
    The cool thing about the new axles was that they came with a stainless steel sleeve already installed. And only cost $65.00 each.
    It's a good thing I did change them out, because when I was cutting the old spindles off, I noticed there was a fair bit of wear where the inner bearing sat. Was hard to see until I had the axle on my bench.
    Total cost with $150.00 going to the welder was under $300.00. A new axle was quoted at over $800.00.
    I had to cut off the U bolts, so new ones added some to that total. Plus new bearings & seals, of course.
  8. Buckethead905

    Buckethead905 Active Member

    Hey PR, glad you found a fix.. sorry to say but they didn’t look hard enough. Here is a complete list of the SKF sleeves...
  9. lpashley01

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    You need to just find a good parts guy that could help you ? Know any :p
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